Day Two Dawns

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Ready for a loud and frantic few hours? Here’s the low down. The men are high jumping and heptathloning right now at Gordon Track in Cambridge while the women have just begun the triple jump and shot put.

The running events don’t begin until 12:30 pm and from then on it’s a wild ride. In just two short hours, all of the individual running events will start and, hopefully, there still won’t be a clear picture of who will be the 2013 Indoor Heps team champions. We’d prefer it go down to the wire.

The men’s heptathlon should end around 3 pm and then the last chance for glory — the relays — will begin. And then one of our favorite times of the year — when the teams all come together on the infield without being asked for the awards ceremony.

There are more awards then ever as the Ivy League will hand out most outstanding performer plaques to a runner and a field event athlete of each gender for the first time.

Mary will be working hard to break Twitter today and we encourage your participation over there. Back here at the home base things will get a little ugly. We don’t always have photos and we will want to push data, so expect it to look a little down and dirty when things get going.

Men’s scores after four events
1. Harvard, 32

2. Cornell, 31

3. Princeton, 25

4. Dartmouth, 20 1/2

5. Columbia, 7

6. Yale, 5 1/2

7. Penn, 2

8. Brown, 1

Women’s scores after five events
1. Cornell 35

2. Harvard 29

3. Princeton 26 1/2

4. Columbia 22

4. Dartmouth 22

6. Brown 12 1/2

7. Penn 4

7. Yale 4

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