Taking It To The Streets

Okay. We made it through Heps weekend, then Last Chance/ECAC weekend and now NCAAs. Now it is time to leave the building and explore the outdoors.

Three alumni outdoor items:

1. I had called Abbey D’Agostino the greatest Ivy League runner ever in recent weeks, given that she had a basket full of records and three NCAA championships already. I was sent this video from the 1992 World Cross Country Championships in Boston and told that Abbey is yet to reach Lynn Jennings’ status. I don’t disagree (considering Jennings had a lot of global success and an Olympic medal), but I was referring to athletes’ status as a collegian. But I didn’t make it clear. Cool video, by the way.

2. With about 800 meters to go, Dartmouth graduate Ben True left everyone behind to win the Jacksonville Gate River Run, which also served as the U.S. 15k championship. True held off Bobby Curtis for the victory while two-time national champ Mo Trafeh was 33 seconds back. As great as True is, it still makes us laugh that he finished fourth in the slowest 1,500m race ever run on the Eastern seaboard.

3. The New York City Half Marathon, the first big NYRR event since Hurricane Sandy wiped out the Marathon in November, will feature a number of big-name athletes. But no one is reporting the Lisa Stublic, a Columbia grad who ran in the Olympics for Croatia, is set to run. Lisa emailed us more than a week ago about her return to the Big Apple and we wish her tremendous success on Sunday. She joins a field which already includes former Harvard standout Lindsey Scherf.

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