Between Spikes

Our latest alumni news starts in the great Northwest, where Donn Cabral’s college roommate, James Cole, recently visited and made a cool video of Cabral’s training regimen. Take a look.

Next we travel up to Hanover, where Ben True is now training under Mark Coogan, who oversees the distance group at Dartmouth. Talking about Coogan to Runner’s World, True said:

He just has a really calm personality. He definitely wants to see the best in everybody come out. He takes your success very personally. It’s good to see in a coach. I don’t think he’s doing anything special. He’s a big fan of consistency over time. He doesn’t want to see his athletes killing a spectacular workout. He’d rather everybody have just solid workouts all the time. He’ll rein you in if he thinks you’re going overboard in a workout. He just has a good demeanor about him.

And in more Big Green news, grad Chris Zablocki won the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia in a speedy PR of 2:17.49. Now a pre-med student at Central Connecticut, Zablocki pulled away for the win with about four miles left.

I’m used to running marathons now, so I know how hard I can go without blowing up the last five or six miles,” he said. “The first time I had to crawl the last mile or so.”

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