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Late Updates: Looks like Anna Willard is running in the Stanford steeple! She hasn’t run this in a while, but she was the nation’s best in it not long ago. And yes, she is back to her maiden name. Other stuff: Ben True is the USA Track Athlete of the WeekAbbey D’Ag talked with folks at RunnerSpace … A little more on Drew Magaha, who is back on track at Penn.

The Texas Relays begin Wednesday and, as we all know, they aren’t an equal to the Penn Relays. Sorry Texans, but it is a simple truth — things are bigger and better in Philadelphia.

But that doesn’t mean that the Texas Relays aren’t wonderful. And the Heps Nation will have a show of force at the annual event in Austin. Here’s a competitor rundown:

Mile run — Joe Stilin (unattached/Princeton)
5,000m run — Paul Snyder (Columbia)
4x800m relay — Texas [featuring Trevor Van Ackeren (Princeton) & Kyle Merber (Columbia)]
4×1,500m relay — Texas [featuring Merber]
DMR — Texas [featuring Van Ackeren]
Pole vault — Nico Weiler (Harvard)
Shot put — Dustin Brode (Harvard), Ben Glauser (Harvard), Igor Liokumovich (Harvard)
Discus throw — Michael Levine (Yale)
Hammer throw — Ben Glauser (Harvard)
Decathlon — Peter Rhodes (Brown), Evan Weinstock (Brown)

100m dash — Ashley Cunningham (Columbia), Marvellous Iheukwumere (Columbia)
100m hurdles — Iris Chijioke (Columbia), Autumne Franklin (Harvard)
400m hurdles — Autumne Franklin (Harvard)
4x100m relay — Columbia
4x200m relay — Columbia
High jump — Mary Hirst (Harvard)
Pole vault — Syndie Leroy (Harvard)
Long jump — Uju Ofoche (Columbia)
Triple jump — Nadia Eke (Columbia); Queen Okeke (Columbia)
Shot put — Shannon Watt (Harvard)
Discus throw — Shannon Watt (Harvard)
Hammer throw — Adabelle Ekechukwu (Harvard)
Heptathlon — Martina Salander (Harvard); Janae Dunchack (Dartmouth)

Now the folks on the West Coast are hosting the Stanford Invitational, which is basically a distance running extravaganza. How do I know this? Try 265 women & men in the 5k and 153 more in the 10k. But one to watch is Cornell’s Rachel Sorna in the steeplechase, who currently has the best time in the WORLD!

Here’s the Heps Nation’s folks:

800m run — Erik Berg (Brown); Ned Willig (Brown)
1,500m run — Erik Berg (Brown); Ned Willig (Brown); Kevin Cooper (Brown); Matt Miner (Oregon/Dartmouth)
5,000m run — Daniel Everett (Columbia); Mark Feigen (Columbia); Paul Ross (Columbia); *Leighton Spencer (Columbia); Adam Behnke (Indiana/Columbia)
10,000m run — Brett Kelly (Cornell); Maksim Korolev (Harvard); Nico Composto (Columbia); Jake Siento (Columbia); Mike Murphy (Columbia)

5,000m run — Erin Gillingham (Columbia)
10,000m run — Olivia Mickle (Brown); Katie Kellner (Cornell)
Steeplechase — Rachel Sorna (Cornell); Genna Hartung (Cornell); Alexi Pappas (unattached/Dartmouth)
Discus throw — Lacey Craker (Brown)
Hammer throw — Lacey Craker (Brown)
Javelin throw — Niina Al-Hassan (Brown)

* Spencer is a proud native of mid-state New York.

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