Some Significant Heps Love

Gary Cohen caught up with Abbey D’Agostino and she made it clear that her love of Dartmouth and Heps have left a zero-percent chance that she will turn professional before her senior season. Here is her take on Heps:

I can’t stop talking about Heps this year. I keep telling my teammates that this is the most fun I have ever had in the past six months. It was incredible. I love the team-oriented meets as this season many of my races have been as an individual. To be a part of something that is so positive with all of the energy during the meet at Harvard was so much fun. I raced two times on both days and it felt sort of like a job, but if that was my job it would be the most fun thing in the whole world. It was cool to contribute and to do it collectively. There was such a difference competing at Heps after the Millrose Games the previous week, but I was just as nervous on the starting line because those races are tactical and you never know what might happen. It was a great two day meet and we didn’t think about anything else. Heps was its own little world and it was wonderful.

And Heps will remain its own little world for now as the Oxford-Cambridge story was an April Fools story.

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