It Relays Time


It’s that time of year again – HepsTrack will be busy at Franklin Field for the next three days, reporting from the Penn Relays.  There will be lots of Ivy action, particularly in the Championship of America marquee events.  Any bets on how many Championship Wheels the Ivies will home this year?  We’ve listed out all teams scheduled to compete in the CoA events, as well as some other individuals who are to compete in the Championship finals.  For full listings and results, check out the Penn Relays Online or follow us on Twitter (@thepennrelays).

Championships of America Information:

College Men’s Shuttle Hurdle Relay (Fri. 3:05pm) – Cornell, Penn

College Men Heptagonal 4×400 (Fri. 4:45pm) – Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn Princeton, Yale

College Men’s 4×800 Championship of America (Sat. 4:40pm) – Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Penn, Princeton

College Men’s 4xMile Championship of America (Sat. 12:45pm) – Columbia, Dartmouth, Yale

College Men’s Distance Medley Relay (Fri. 2:25pm) – Columbia, Dartmouth, Penn, Princeton, Yale

College Women’s Shuttle Hurdle Relay (Fri. 3:25pm) – Cornell, Penn

College Women’s Sprint Medley Relay (Fri. 6pm) – Columbia, Princeton

College Women Heptagonal 4×400 (Thurs. 7:05pm) – Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn Princeton, Yale

College Women’s 4×800 Championship of America (Sat. 4:10pm) – Columbia, Penn, Princeton, Yale

College Women’s 4×1500 Championship of America (Fri. 1:10pm) – Columbia, Princeton

College Women’s Distance Medley Relay (Thurs. 5:25pm) – Cornell, Princeton, Yale


Individual Highlights: (for full listings, check out the Conference Schedule)

College Men High Jump Championships (Sat. 1:30pm) – Cornell’s Montez Blair and Penn’s Maalik Reynolds

College Men Shot Put Championships (Fri. 10am) – Cornell’s Stephen Mozia and Harvard’s Dustin Brode

College Men Discus Throw Championships (Fri. 1:30pm) – Cornell’s Stephen Mozia, Penn’s Sam Mattis, and Yale’s Michael Levine

College Men Long Jump Championships (Fri. 2:30pm) – Cornell’s Steven Bell

College Men Triple Jump Championships (Sat. 2pm) – Princeton’s Damon McLean and Nana Owusu-Nyanteky

College Women Hammer Throw Championships (Thurs. 10am) – Harvard’s Adabelle Ekechukwu and Princeton’s Julia Ratcliffe

College Women Javelin Championships (Thurs. 2pm) – Penn’s Morgan Wheeler

College Men 400m Intermediate Hurdles Championships (Fri. 9am) – Princeton’s Austin Hollimon, Jordan Myers, and Tom Scott

College Women Pole Vault Championships (Thurs 3pm) – Princeton’s Tory Worthen

College Women 3000m Championships (Thurs 8:30pm) – Columbia’s Caroline Williams; Cornell’s Genna Hartung, Caroline Kellner, Katie Kellner, Rachel Sorna; Penn’s Elyssa Gensib and Margaret Diacount; Princeton’s Erika Fluehr and Melissa Newbury; and Yale’s Melissa Chapman and Nihal Kayali

College Women 5000m Championships (Thurs 8:40pm) – Cornell’s Katie Rossettie, Devin McMahon, Katie Kellner, Dina Iacone; Yale’s Elizabeth Marvin and Emily Stark

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