All Roads Lead to the Weav


People are migrating to Princeton over the course of the next 24 hours, whether it be bus, train, or front of a truck.  And lucky for us, they are sharing their journeys and thoughts via Twitter.  Princeton has been busy getting their Weaver Stadium set up and working, as evident by the scoreboard image above: “In 24 hours this place will be rowdy…Getting set for #oHeps” they shared on Twitter around lunchtime.

Of course, our own Brett Hoover is en route to Princeton Junction, feeling all alone in the Twitterverse during his train ride…

Hepstrack_BrettHoover“The trip to Heps has begun. Where are all the photos from inside the buses? #oheps” – Hoover










Oh, Brett, there are PLENTY of bus photos!  Check below the tab to check them all out.



Dartmouth’s Will Geoghegan is getting pumped with teammate Steve Mangan.

“Steve and I on the bus getting ready to go for #oHeps” – Geoghegan








Brown’s Olivia Mickle grabbed this glamour shot of Erik Berg, as he claims two seats (apparently the freshmen are crammed into the other ones).

“always getting my good side, hope to tweet out my new haircut for tomorrow” – Berg






Harvard_throwersHarvard’s teams are apparently already in Princeton, checking out the facility (I guess there was nothing worth sharing on the bus trip down?)


“Absolutely picture perfect day here in Princeton, as the throwers get in some pre-meet work! #GoCrimson #oHeps” – Harvard T&F/XC







Columbia was having fun with photo wars on their short commute.



“Back of the bus selfie #HEPS #weallhyped” – Leilla Mantilla











“front of the bus selfie. We also hyped! #HEPS” – Erin Gillingham









Columbia_MalloryAndersonI don’t know what kind of food the Columbia women’s team get on their ride down, because Mallory Anderson is HUNG-GRY.


@HepsTrack How long till team dinner? #oHeps” – Anderson








 Perhaps Leighton Spencer should have offered his bird to Mallory...


@HepsTrack was bringing my favorite bird to heps #dang” – Spencer







Meanwhile, other people are expressing their frustrations with travel…

“This traffic is killing me. I want to get to the #HEPS! #oHeps #soclose” – Dartmouth’s Henry Sterling;

“Missing Slope Day for a four-hour busride. Words can’t describe how incredibly worth it this is. #Heps #LetsGo” – David M. (Ithaca and Boston ties)

“Nearing the end of a record-setting Hanover-Princeton bus trip. Coming up on 8.5 hours #oHeps #ohno” – Will Geoghegan travel update (6:12pm)

…their other-life schedule…

“I would do ANYTHING to be going to #Heps this weekend” – Julia D’Agostino;

“Bahh! Half an hour more of work before I can get to the track. #Heps is in the air!! #GoTigers” – Princeton alum and volunteer coach Justin Frick

…or praising their hotel rooms…

“Our hotel rooms are so nice.. Staying at Princeton this weekend for #HEPS” – Columbia’s Lauren O’Connor.

Props to Princeton’s Russell Dinkins for allowing this occasion to be his first step into the Twitterverse:

“First ever tweet. Fitting that its about my last #HEPS as a @PrincetonTrack athlete #dowork #leggo #turnup“.

But our tweet of the day has to be the following:

“Not sure why but I woke with a hankering for some tiger, bear, bulldog, quaker and a box of crayons for breakfast” – Columbia T&F

You can follow the meet on Twitter – either follow @hepstrack or look for the #oHeps tag (and don’t worry, we have plans in place should someone (**cough cough** Mary **cough cough**) break Twitter AGAIN.  We will share that info should she do that (again).  Also, if you happen to be in town for the meet, feel free to share your photos, thoughts, or corrections with the rest of HepsNation – use the #oHeps tag to share.


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