Call To Action

I gotten complaints from a number of folks — including some particularly nasty ones — about a decision we made at regarding meet coverage.

My position is that the presentation of the meet at the venue is more important than anything that is done online. That’s why, when I was contacted the week before the championship and asked to help by the host institution, I did.

Mary and I discussed the implications and she provided superb coverage on Twitter over the weekend. Every heat, updates all day long. If you couldn’t make it to Heps, we certainly create an opportunity for you to follow the action as it happened.

And still — despite the fact that we both volunteer to do this — people were name calling via anonymous email.

That leads me to this — if you want something, support it. One way is to volunteer to help. Doing coverage of an track & field event is no easy task. At the Penn Relays we now have a team of about 40 volunteers who help with the website. And, not surprisingly, it is viewed as the best results site on the planet.

We have gotten tremendous help from photographers. In fact, here are galleries with a collection of more than 10,000 images from Heps.

Nathan CrumptonSaturday | Sunday

Doug AustinSaturday | Sunday

But we certainly could use additional help at Heps Cross Country, Indoor Heps and Outdoor Heps to provide fuller coverage. If you are willing to help provide for the larger Heps community, particularly in the area of writing and interviewing, please let me know by giving feedback here.

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