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Mary caught up with Peter Callahan after reported that he’d finish his collegiate eligibility at the University of New Mexico. A history major and sub-four miler at Princeton, Callahan’s senior thesis delved into British naval innovations during World War I, including study on the environmental impact of combat. Here’s what he had to say about his next step:

Before I talk about my grad school decision, I want to first emphasize how lucky I have felt to be a part of Ivy League track & field for these past several years. Racing for Princeton has been an honor and a privilege that I will not soon forget, and the mutual respect and camaraderie that is apparent between all teams at the Heps is truly something special. I will always be a Tiger, and I absolutely look forward to being a part of this unique community for the rest of my life.

In regards to my decision to attend New Mexico this coming fall, I wanted to be at a place where I could continue with Environmental Studies, which is my minor as an undergraduate, while at the same time carry on with running in the NCAA. Without Princeton (and the rest of the league) as an option, I visited several schools this winter and found that UNM was the best fit. Coach (Joe) Franklin and his team have a great culture and successful tradition, and the weather/altitude of Albuquerque is quite appealing after years of Midwest and East Coast winters. Whatever happens in the years to come, however, I’ll certainly be keeping close tabs on my team in New Jersey.

And, of course, we will be keeping tabs on Peter as well. Any other senior planning to pursue grad school and intercollegiate running should send us a note about it!

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