Good Things Come To Those Who Wait


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Some moron who can’t participate in a civilized society decided to call in a bomb threat to Princeton University on Tuesday and it had an impact on Tiger graduate Russell Dinkins. Scheduled to run the 800-meter run at the NYRR Tuesday Night Speed Series at Icahn Stadium, Dinkins was making a final stab at hitting the USA Nationals’ A standard of 1:47.50. Here’s his story:

So yesterday I was taking a shower in my dorm when I roommate yelled, “There’s a bomb threat! We need to leave now!”

Upon hearing this, I immediately hopped out of the shower (I still had soap suds on my body), threw some clothes on and ran out of the door. All I had were the clothes on my back and my wallet; I didn’t even have my cell phone.

As we were evacuating campus I started to realize that it may take a while for the all-clear to be given. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but I had a track meet I wanted to run in later that evening. I knew I would not be able to get back to my dorm to get my spikes and warm-ups and other track stuff because campus was on lockdown, but I knew that I needed to run in the meet in order to give myself a shot at qualifying for the USA Track & Field Championships in two weeks, so I went to Princeton Running Co. bought new spikes, a singlet and some half tights.

There I met Mike Rutt who offered to give me a ride up to the meet since he was rabbiting the race and would be there anyway. So there I was, at the NYRR meet warming up in just a singlet and half-tights, trying to put everything behind me so that I could achieve that coveted USATF ‘A’ standard.

As I approached the line in my new Saucony Endorphin’s (I’ve only raced in Nike before this, but these were the only spikes the store had in my size), I felt a sense of calm wash over as I knew that I could run something special despite the chaotic day.

The gun went off and I followed Rutt’s lead. I dropped back to let two other runners before me per their request to be in the second and third positions behind Rutt after the first 150m. We were all in a line and we were all trying to run fast.

51.5 at the 400, 1:19 something at the 600, we were on pace to run the time I needed. I finished the race and looked up at the clock and much to my dismay I saw 1:48 mid, which is not what I needed. I missed the mark. I did not achieve my desired goal.

I was, of course, disappointed but I am not discouraged. Despite running in new spikes and warming up in my half-tight and racing singlet I still ran my second-fastest time of the season.

I went through a lot of effort yesterday to just to make something work, to try and save my season, but sadly, fell short. Yet I regret nothing. I’m glad I put myself out there and tried to give myself a shot. I know that I will achieve my goals one day, until then I just have to continue to work hard, stay patient, and stay hungry.

“Good things come to those who wait.”

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