Destination Des Moines

USA Track & Field has announced that fans will be able to watch the entire U.S. Nationals (59 hours in all) starting Wednesday (with the U.S. Juniors’ multi events). And all of the Ivy League schools will be represented in Des Moines, Iowa. Below is the day-by-day schedule of Heps action. * indicates a race to which the participants must advance.


11 am — Junior men’s 110m hurdles first round
Max Hairston (Cornell), Gregory Caldwell (Princeton)

11:30 am — Junior women’s 100m hurdles first round
Autumne Franklin (Harvard)

12:30 pm — Junior women’s 800m run first round
Gabrielle Cuccia (Penn)

1:10 pm — Junior women’s 3,000m run final
Elyssa Gensib (Penn)

1:25 pm — Junior men’s steeplechase final
Brendan Smith (Penn)

1:40 pm — Junior women’s 100m hurdles final
Autumne Franklin (Harvard)

3 pm — Women’s steeplechase first round
Ashley Higginson (Princeton), Alexi Pappas (Dartmouth), Rachel Sorna (Cornell)

3:30 pm — Women’s 800m run first round
Kate Grace (Yale), Greta Feldman (Princeton), Jesse Carlin (Penn)

4:40 pm — Women’s 1,500m run first round
Morgan Uceny (Cornell), Kate Grace (Yale)

5 pm — Men’s 1,500m run first round
Liam Boylan-Pett (Columbia), Joe Stilin (Princeton)

7:15 pm — Junior men’s 5,000m run final
Thomas Awad (Penn)

8:20 pm — Women’s 10,000m run final
Katie Kellner (Cornell)

9 pm — Men’s 10,000m run final
Ben True (Dartmouth)


1 pm — Junior men’s hammer throw final
Rudy Winkler (Cornell incoming)

1:10 pm — Junior women’s 1,500m run first round
Gabrielle Cuccia (Penn)

1:30 pm — Junior men’s 1,500m run first round
Clark Shurtleff (Penn), David Pugliese (Princeton)

1:38 pm — Junior women’s 400m hurdles first round
Autumne Franklin (Harvard)

4:10 pm — Men’s steeplechase first round
Donn Cabral (Princeton)

6:30 pm — Men’s discus throw final
Stephen Mozia (Cornell)

7:20 pm — Junior women’s 800m run final
Gabrielle Cuccia (Penn)

8:08 pm — Women’s 800m run semifinals
Kate Grace (Yale)

9 pm — Junior men’s 10,000m run final
Thomas Awad (Penn), Brendan Smith (Penn), Brett Kelly (Princeton)


1:38 pm — Junior women’s 400m hurdles final
Autumne Franklin (Harvard), Jade Miller (Harvard)

2:02 pm — Junior women’s 1,500m run final
Lily Harrington (Brown)

4:20 pm — Women’s steeplechase final
Ashley Higginson (Princeton), Alexi Pappas (Dartmouth), Carrie Dimoff (Princeton)

4:46 pm — Women’s 1,500m run final
Morgan Uceny (Cornell)


1:45 pm — Men’s high jump final
Montez Blair (Cornell)

2 pm — Men’s javelin throw final
Craig Kinsley (Brown), Sean Furey (Dartmouth)

2:10 pm — Men’s shot put final
Stephen Mozia (Cornell)

3:04 pm — Women’s 800m run final
Kate Grace (Yale)

3:22 pm — Women’s 5,000m run final
Abbey D’Agostino (Dartmouth), Delilah DiCrescenzo (Columbia)

3:55 pm — Men’s steeplechase final
Donn Cabral (Princeton)

4:30 pm — Men’s 5,000m run final
Ben True (Dartmouth)

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