What A League!

In the last 14 months, Heps has been something to behold. Here are some numbers:

8 Olympians
6 NCAA Championships
2 American collegiate records
2 Penn Relays Championships of America
1 Elevated to an Olympic gold medal
4 U.S. Junior champions
28 U.S. Nationals top 10s by 19 athletes

Here are the U.S. National top 10s in just the last two Championships:
Montez Blair (Cornell), high jump (7th in 2012; 3rd in 2013)

Donn Cabral (Princeton), steeplechase (2nd in 2012; 6th in 2013)

Becky Christensen (Harvard), high jump (6th in 2012)

Abbey D’Agostino (Dartmouth), 5k (5th in 2012; 6th in 2013)

Delilah DiCrescenzo (Columbia), steeplechase (7th in 2012)

Carrie Dimoff (Princeton), steeplechase (6th in 2012)

Justin Frick (Princeton), high jump (5th in 2012)

Sean Furey (Dartmouth), javelin (4th in 2012; 3rd in 2013)
Kate Grace (Yale), 800m (4th in 2013)
Tora Harris (Princeton), high jump (9th in 2012)

Ashley Higginson (Princeton), steeplechase (4th in 2012; 2nd in 2013)
Max King (Cornell), steeplechase (6th in 2012)

Craig Kinsley (Brown), javelin (3rd in 2012; 8th in 2013)

Conor McCullough (Princeton), hammer (4th in 2012)
Stephen Mozia (Cornell), shot put (9th in 2013)
Alexi Pappas (Dartmouth), steeplechase (8th in 2013)

Anna Pierce (Brown), 1500m (5th in 2012)

Ben True (Dartmouth), 5k (6th in 2012; 4th in 2013); 10k (4th in 2013)
Morgan Uceny (Cornell), 1500m (1st in 2012; 8th in 2013)

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