Greening Up The Beach to Beacon


The TD Beach to Beacon 10-K road race in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, was the place to be if you were a Big Green alumnus.  At least six Dartmouth XC/TF alumni competed in this year’s historic race, a mixture of recent graduates and road racing veterans.  A number of former Ivy athletes have competed in this race, including Ben True, who still holds the Maine’s Men race record he set in 2009.

Alexi Pappas, who begins as a member of the Oregon Track Club (OTC) this fall, caught up some of her former Dartmouth teammates before the start of the race.  She was able to grab a quick photo with (left to right in photo above) Will Geoghegan, Jack Letellier, Matthew Pierce, and Henry Sterling before the race.

Kristin Barry, the 2010 Masters Maine Female winner of this event, also competed and finished 2nd in her age group in 37:17.6.

Geoghegan (13th overall, 7th American) and Sterling (19th overall, 11th American) finished in the top 20 overall in the men’s race, which was won by Kenya’s Micah Kogo in 28:03.1.  Pappas, in her first ever 10km, finished 10th overall and 2nd American female behind race winner Joyce Chepkirui of Kenya.

Pappas had plenty to share with HepsTrack about her 10km debut.

This was my first 10k ever, and having the chance to debut at such a historic race was incredible. Not only did I get the chance to meet some phenomenal women runners (got some race advice from Deena [Kastor] and Joanie [Benoit Samuelson] on the start line!), but doing team cheer with the Dartmouth boys right before the race meant a lot to me. Matthew Pierce got me up those nasty hills at the end–felt that big green teammate-ship I remember so fondly at Dartmouth. As far as the 10k goes, you know, I didn’t hate it! I even, yes, enjoyed the distance (my former self shutters at the thought!). For me, this summer has been up to me, racing-wise, as I really am in between the world of college and post-collegiate team running (I don’t start training with OTC in Eugene under Mark Rowland until fall). Having the chance to race with some the world’s best, while being supported (road races really are one big party) by so many people is an incredible way to be… inaugurated into the elite distance running world. Also, being on the east coast for the summer has given me a chance to reconnect with those Ivy League roots! (Headed off for a week of sleepovers with Abbey D’Ags tomorrow), and then a road trip with more of the Dartmouth XC girls to Hanover after I race at Falmouth.

I think in short, there’s a lot more people can expect to come from me in the future– with the right training, coaching, environment, team… I am ready to take on many steeple-10k-whatever-distances-to-come! This summer of road racing and trying out new distances has been refreshing and good (sometimes running with new people or by myself for a bit allows me to reconnect with the nuances & little things I love about running)– & I will be equally ready & excited to report to practice in good ol’ Eugenie-land come October 1st! 

As a last note– today showed me that mentally, I can compete with the best. I may have a few more miles to log & things to learn before I can make it to the next level, but the energy & potential is there, I feel! & I am having fun, so much fun, which is all a gal could want!

Full results can be found here.  Men and women race recaps are available from  Ivy results shown below – feel free to contact us if we missed anyone.

Will Geoghegan, 30:32.4 (13th overall)

Henry Sterling, 31:23.9 (19th overall)

Matthew Pierce, 32:54.6

Alexi Pappas, 32.54.6 (10th female overall)

Jack Letellier, 35:54.9

Kristin Barry, 37:17.6

For some extra summer reading, check out the Portland Press Herald featured piece on Pappas.

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