Taming the Irish


Just like last year, the Notre Dame XC Invitational was the coming out party for an Ivy League squad.

The #30 Columbia Lions won the team title in the elite Blue Race by finishing in spots 12-13-14-24-50 (113 points), besting defending invitational champions #7 Tulsa (7-8-17-31-61 finish, 124 points) and Ivy rival #9 Princeton (9-11-22-27-78 finish, 147 points).  It was a close team battle for the invitational title as Columbia was tied with Tulsa through four runners with Princeton only 6 points behind.  But behold the power of the 5th man, as freshman Jack Boyle stepped up for the Lions and finished in a strong 50th place, securing the team title for Columbia and earning the title of “team hero” by Coach Willy Wood.

Princeton Tyler Udland was the first Ivy finisher, crossing the line in 9th place with 24:39.2.  Udland has really improved in the last year, as he was Princeton’s 7th finisher (76th overall) at this race last year.  Tiger teammate Chris Bendtsen finished a step behind in 11th place (29:40.7), just before Columbia’s first runners Nico Composto (12th ), Jake Sienko (13th), and Daniel Everett (14th) finished in a pack.

If this had been a dual meet?

Meanwhile, #30 Princeton finished in a very strong 5th place in the women’s blue race, holding off host #19 Notre Dame by only 5 points.  The Lady Tigers also bested #4 Duke in the team competition.  Frosh Megan Curham is a contender for the rookie of the season if she continues to have such a strong season – Curham finished 12th overall in the individual standings in 17:20.95.  From our research, she was the top frosh in the race.  It should be noted that Harvard alumna Sammy Silva is using the remainder of her NCAA eligibility at #15 New Mexico.

Expect to see some big changes in the national rankings next week.

Notre Dame Cross Country Invitational Results

Men Ivy Finishers:

9th – Udland (Princeton), 24.39.2
11th – Bendtsen (Princeton), 24:40.7
12th – Composto (Columbia), 24:42.0
13th – Sienko (Columbia), 24:42.2
14th – Everett (Columbia), 24:42.9
22nd – Matt McDonald (Princeton), 24:51.3
24th – John Gregorek (Columbia), 24:53.1
27th – Sam Pons (Princeton), 24:55.3
50th – Jack Boyle (Columbia), 25:15.4
66th – Ben Golestan (Columbia), 25:26.9
78th – Alejandro Arroyo Yamin (Princeton), 25:34.3
118th – Sam Berger (Princeton), 26:00.9
119th – George Galasso (Princeton), 26:01.5
125th – Paul Ross (Columbia), 26:07.3
135th – William Bertrand (Princeton), 26:10.9
146th – Michael Sublette (Princeton), 26:19.1
172nd – Dustin Wilson (Columbia), 26:45.7

Women Ivy Finishers:

5th – Sammy Silva (Harvard – New Mexico), 17:03.75
12th – Megan Curham (Princeton), 17:21.2
20th – Emily de La Bruyere (Princeton), 17:33.2
45th – Molly Higgins (Princeton), 17:54.5
46th – Lizzie Bird (Princeton), 17:55.0
78th – Kathryn Little (Princeton), 18:19.5
91st – Kathryn Fluehr (Princeton), 18:23.7
105th – Rachael Chacko (Princeton), 18:31.1
115th – Clare Gallagher (Princeton), 18:38.1
140th – Jessica Ackerman (Princeton), 18:54.6

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