Placing Bets


Princeton XC/T&F twitter photo

Only five days until the Ivy League lines up at that painted starting line above at West Windsor Fields.  Let’s make Heps XC a bit more interesting this year for our fans – welcome to the HepsXC Fan Challenge.

Send us your picks for team and individual winners for both the men and women races, with winning team point totals and times.  Whoever is closest in picking the winners (points and time will act as tie-breakers) will be crowned “HepsXC Fan Champion(s)”.  Sorry, since this is a volunteer-based website, we do not have any money to award anyone with and we don’t want to have any issues with the NCAA.  Accepted entries are those with a real name and email address and understandable selections (real names, not nicknames).  You have until Friday, November 1, 11:59 pm to place your entries.  You can submit your entries here.

Feel free to use whatever knowledge or gut feelings you might have in making these picks.  Beginning today, HepsTrack will be presenting our team previews for each of the cross country squads.  These previews are based on the season performances and some tidbits that we recalled from previous seasons.  I know other people have presented their previews for the Heps meet (for example, former Cornell distance coach Robert Johnson did his conference meet preview for his website, here are the links for the men and women if you’re interested), or just teams ranked in the national top 30 (Isaac Wood, men and women).  Feel free to look at the HepsXC results from 2012 (men | women) and 2011 (men | women) to get a feel on how fast this course can be (note: 2011 Heps XC was done in a snow storm).

May the best bet win.

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