Last Call for Fan Challenge!


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One more day to go… can you believe that Heps XC is tomorrow?  Princeton is working on the final details of the setup right now.  If you haven’t already, let us know if you’re planning to attend!  If you cannot make it, follow facebook and twitter using #HepsXC (and feel free to follow us in general).

Also, today is the last day to enter the Heps XC Fan Challenge!  Right now, we only have two people signed up and they do not have any of the same picks.

Want some help on who to cheer for?  We hoped that our team previews can give you a good indicator on what to expect, but we found some other items to share.

Letsrun asked their followers on who they thought would win various conference championships.  The Heps XC polls (with number of #1 votes and total points) are as follows:

Men: 1. Columbia (16) 184, 2. Princeton (8) 179, 3. Harvard (1)  141, 4. Dartmouth 130, 5. Yale 81, 6. Cornell 79, 7. Penn 63, 8. Brown 43.

Women: 1. Dartmouth (9) 84, 2. Princeton (1) 70, 3. Cornell 67, 4. Columbia (1) 57, 5. Harvard 50, 6. Yale 32, t-7. Brown & Penn 18

Flotrack called the men’s race a “dog fight” and “difficult to call“, but Flotrack’s Alex Lohr picked Columbia over Princeton, with Harvard’s James Leakos for the individual win.  He did not make any predictions for the women’s race, but in their weekly Run Junkie series, they had called it the “Dartmouth show”.

Dartmouth alum Jon Gault published his thoughts on the two Heps races.  For the men, Gault believes that the Princeton Tigers will hold off Columbia for the team title but is not fully on board for a Harvard 1-2 finish.  For the women, Gault is going with his alma mater, Dartmouth and Abbey D’Agostino.

But who do YOU really think is going to win it all?  Tell us through the Heps XC Fan Challenge!  Remember, send us top teams and individuals, with scores and times to act as tie breakers.  Tell us by 11:59 EST TONIGHT or else we will send out the leftover ghouls we were not able to get rid of last night! (ok, I kid, but still, come play with us!)

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