Lions, Tigers, Big Green Earn Team Autos


Three teams are beginning to set their travel arrangements to Terre Haute, Ind. today.  The Columbia and Princeton men, and Dartmouth women won automatic team berths to NCAAs by placing 2nd in each of their respective Regional meets.

Columbia was the first team to earn their spot today, as the Lions finished 2nd at the Northeast Regional meet  at the legendary Van Cortlandt Park.   Senior Jake Sienko led the team by finishing 6th overall in the 10km race, followed by Daniel Everett (9th), Nico Composto (10th), John Gregorek (23rd), and Joe Kotran (30th).

Princeton had to battle off Georgetown in order to secure their berth from the Mid-Atlantic Regional meet.  Villanova won the meet behind a 1-2 punch, but the Tigers held off the Hoyas by 3 points to secure another trip to NCAAs.  Senior Tyler Udland led the Tigers, finishing in 6th place.  Alejandro Arroyo Yamin (7th), Sam Pons (11th), Chris Bendtsen (17th), and Eddie Owens (19th) rounded out the Tiger scoring.

The final berth was earned by the Dartmouth women.  Abbey D’Agostino defended her regional title for the 3rd consecutive year, besting the field by nearly 11 seconds.  The rest of the Big Green squad finished in the top 30, with Sarah Delozier (13th), Dana Giordano (17th), Elizabeth Markowitz (26th), and Alison Lanois (27th) rounding out the scoring.

We do expect many more athletes to join these three teams to Indiana, but we will need to wait until tonight to determine who exactly they will be as a few more teams could get a chance to go.  But here is a list of “most likely individuals” who will make the cut:

Out of the Northeast Region, we can see six athletes right now.  Harvard senior and Heps champion Maksim Korolev won the individual title in 30:11.6 while the Harvard team finished in 6th.  Dartmouth’s Will Geoghegan (5th) and John Bleday (8th) also finished in the top 10, helping Dartmouth finish 5th as a team.  Cornell women finished in 4th place, with seniors Rachel Sorna (8th) and Emily Shearer (9th) both finishing in the top 10.  Columbia’s Waverly Neer finished 4th individually.

In the Mid-Atlantic, a pair of 5th place finishers should make it to Indiana: Penn’s Thomas Awad and Princeton’s Megan Curham.  Awad was one of the many Quakers who had a great race day, as the Quakers finished 4th in the team standings.  Meanwhile, freshman Curham stayed with the leaders throughout the race and used a great kick to edge out a Georgetown runner at the line.  The Princeton women finished 5th in the team standings while the Penn ladies finished 6th.

We know of two alumni who are using up their eligibility who have booked their tickets to NCAAs.  Out in the Mountain Region, Sammy Silva (Harvard ’13) won the women’s race for the New Mexico Lobos, helping them finish 2nd place and securing a team bid.  The team that won?  The Colorado Buffaloes, who had Abbey Levene (Princeton ’13) be their 5th scorer, finishing in 12th place.  We will keep an eye out for more alumni in these regional results, but feel free to contact us if we are missing any!

The NCAA selections will be announced at 9pm ET on Flotrack.

Northeast Regional Results 

Men team – 

1st – Syracuse, 57

2nd – Columbia, 78

5th – Dartmouth, 101

6th – Harvard, 155

7th – Yale, 199

9th – Cornell, 326

11th – Brown, 359

Men top 20 – 

1st – Korolev (H), 30:11.6

5th – Geoghegan (D), 30:22.1

6th – Sienko (Col), 30:24.3

8th – Bleday (D), 30:26.0

9th – Everett (Col), 30:28.3

10th – Composto (Col), 30:28.3

11th – Kevin Looney (Yale), 30:28.4

Women team – 

1st – Providence, 44

2nd – Dartmouth, 84

4th – Cornell, 154

6th – Harvard, 211

7th – Columbia, 228

13th – Yale, 385

15th –  Brown, 394

Women top 20 – 

1st – D’Agostino (D), 19:48.3

4th – Neer (Col), 20:01.8

8th – Sorna (Cor), 20:19.9

9th – Shearer (Cor), 20:22.7

13th – Delozier (D), 20:35.3

17th – Giordano (D), 20:44.0

18th – Viviana Hanley (H), 20:46.1


Mid-Atlantic Regional Results:

Men team – 

1st – Villanova, 34

2nd – Princeton, 60

4th – Penn, 152

Men top 20 – 

5th – Awad (P), 29:49

6th – Udland (Pr), 29:49

7th – Arroyo Yamin (Pr), 29:51

11th – Pons (Pr), 30:11

17th – Bendtsen (Pr), 30:20

19th – Owens (Pr), 30:25

20th – Matt McDonald (Pr), 30:26

Women team –

1st – Villanova, 31

5th – Princeton, 135

6th – Penn, 181

Women top 20 –

5th – Curham (Pr), 20:13

13th – Emily de la Bruyere (Pr), 20:25



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