Fall Academic Honors


The Ivy League announced yesterday their list of Academic All-Ivy honorees for the Fall 2013 athletic season.  A total of 15 cross country runners were given the honor, as they were “starters or key reserves on an officially recognized varsity team with 3.0 or better cumulative grade point averages”, per the honoring requirements. Each school could only nominate five men and women from its eligible student-athletes across all of their varsity sports.  Other honorees included student-athletes came from football/sprint football (15), men’s and women’s soccer (26 total), volleyball (8), water polo (3), field hockey (11), and men’s and women’s tennis (2 total).

The following cross country runners were recognized with this honor:

Brown: Heidi Caldwell

Columbia: Nico Composto, John Gregorek, and Waverly Neer

Cornell: Emily Shearer and Rachel Sorna

Dartmouth: John Bleday and Abbey D’Agostino

Harvard: Viviana Hanley

Penn: Elyssa Gensib and Brendan Smith

Princeton: Alejandro Arroyo Yamin and Emily de la Bruyere

Yale: Mille Chapman and Michael Cunetta

At this time, we also want to recognize Cornellians Emily Shearer and Samantha Olyha for winning the Marshall Scholarship earlier this month.  The Marshall Scholarship provides for two years of study at universities in the United Kingdom by intellectually distinguished young Americans.  Olyha, a multi-eventer, is planning to use the scholarship to attend Oxford University while getting atwo-year master’s degree in oncology.  Shearer is planning to attend both Cambridge and Oxford Universities, first for a one-year master’s degree in public policy at Cambridge and then a second master’s degree in medical anthropology at Oxford.  Both student-athletes plan to attend medical school once they have finished their international studies.

Congratulations to all student-athletes.

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