Double Standards of Doping


Sami Aziz might only be in his first year at Columbia, but he’s ready to make his voice heard.  The distance freshman wrote a guest column that was published today on The Doping Double Standard In American Sports Needs To End, where he analyzes the differences between different sports’ punishments should an athlete get caught with a performance enhancing drug.   We’ll try not to spoil the read (and it is a good read), but we wanted to highlight a point Aziz makes during his column:

…I think that it is unfair for the NFL, MLB, and NBA to allow such relaxed policies for performance-enhancing drug testing and punishment, especially when compared to the policies in track. If these “big money” sports were to implement drug-testing policies as rigorous and transparent as those in track, the public would see a significant increase of doping scandals in them. The public would collectively realize that doping is more an industry wide problem than a problem specific to a “poor” sport.

Speaking of PEDs, we also recommend this Science of Sport’s recent article The World Record Suspicion survey, and some related thoughts, where the writer compares the world records in different outdoor events with the recent top world marks and how long those world records have stood.

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