Why Ivy?


I read a public fan letter on Facebook this morning, where the writer expressed how this athlete had inspired the writer on his college choice.

This led to the question: “Why did Ivy athletes pick Ivy?”

Not everyone has the same story.  For me, I didn’t really consider myself recruited by Harvard, even though the one time I met the sprints/hurdle coach my junior spring when I did a general campus tour “I’m interested in you but I do not call people”.  I picked Harvard in the end because I felt I could enjoy my life at this school, even if I never ended up running on the team.  I can go into more detail about this, if requested, but I’d rather hear from you.

Why do you go Ivy?

If you want to share your story on this website, email me your “Why Ivy?” story (try to keep it at a reasonable length – like under 600 words or no longer than one page in Microsoft Word).  Anyone can submit their story – undergrads, seniors, alumni.  It can be whatever writing style that is yours.  We’d just like it to be true.

So, why Ivy?

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