Greubel Eyes Olympic Podium After Day 1


Cornell alumna Jamie Greubel is in Olympic medal contention after Day 1 of the Women Bobsled competition.  Greubel, who was a former Heps champion in the pentathlon and heptathlon, has piloted the USA-2 sled to the third best time in the competition after two runs, 1:55.45.  Her breakman is Aja Evans, a former track athlete at the University of Illinois.

USA-1 sled with pilot Elena Meyers and breakman Lauryn Williams currently sits in first place with an overall time of 1:54.89.  The Canadian sled with Kallie Humphries and Heather Moyse is in 2nd place, only 0.23 seconds behind the top sled.  Greubel and Evans were only 0.65 seconds off the top spot.

It should be noted that Lauryn Williams is already an Olympic medalist in track and field.  She won the silver medal in the 100m at the 2004 Athens Gamesand a 4×100 relay medal from the 2012 London Games.  If Williams wins the gold in the bobsled, she would become the first Olympic female athlete to ever win the gold medal in both the Winter and Summer Games.

However, anything can happen in the last two runs.

The final runs take place today in Sochi.  If you wish to see the results before they are on primetime, click here.


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