iHeps14 — Men’s Sprints/Hurdles

As it comes to sprints, Cornell’s Bruno Hortelano-Roig might be in a class by himself at Heps. Before the school year ends, he could have an all-time top 10 Heps mark in the 60-, 200- and 400-meter dashes indoor and the 100-, 200- and 400-meter dashes outdoor.

ht-iheps-alexandreHe popped a 6.76 60 meters at Cornell in December and a ridiculous 20.84 in the 200 on an oversized Ohio track. That 200 mark was the League’s first-ever sub-21 indoor. But Hortelano-Roig’s specialty isn’t yet run at Indoor Heps, so we expect a 60/400 double. And if he can match his reported splits from relays this year (he has not run an open 400), he will be hard to beat.

The man expected to be his toughest competition was Brown’s John Spooney, but in January he declared himself eligible for the NFL Draft, one of less than 100 players nationwide to do so as an underclassman. So Hortelano’s top straightaway challengers include teammates Justin McCollin and Chris Bain, 2012 champ Damani Wilson and Andrew Ezekoye of Harvard and John Hill and Dre Nelson of Princeton.

Last year Hortelano-Roig beat Princeton powerhouse Tom Hopkins in the 400 and both are back this time around, but there is a new face in the picture. Yale freshman Marc-Andre Alexandre ran 47.45 earlier this season after competing for Canada at the World Junior Championships last summer. If those three are in the fold, expect a fast final. There are also a number of guys who can turn in something in the low 48s.

Now, as coaches try to maximize points, it will be interesting to see who gets slotted into the 500. Those speedy 400 guys are usually able to hang on for another 100 meters, but they’ve not yet contested the event. Hopkins has the fastest time of the season (1:02.57) while Cornellian Cisco Olloqui is the only other under 1:04.

Cornell is definitely favored in the 60-meter hurdles as defending champion Max Hairston has already run 7.92 this season, one of the top 10 times in Heps history. His top challenger seems to be Harvard’s Jarvis Harris, who was third a year ago. Harris has run 8.00 this season.

— Brett Hoover

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