Off to Albuquerque


Ivy Leaguers are posed to make a big impact in this final weekend of the indoor track and field season with a conference record number of NCAA Indoor qualifiers.  Thirteen individuals and 2 relay squads are off in Albuquerque, N.M. to compete at the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships.  They are likely out there by this point in order to acclimate to the high elevation and time zone (if so, send us some updates of how it is out there!)

We’ve pulled together the NCAA schedule and marked in which events have a touch of Ivy present (as well as a way for you to wish any athlete “good luck”).

EPSN3 will be providing live streaming of the meet on Friday (beginning at 7:55pm EDT) and Saturday (beginning 7:30pm EDT), IF your cable and internet provider offers ESPN3 or Watch ESPN.  Otherwise, you’ll have to follow it online either through the live results (Flash Results) or by following us on Twitter as we will be sharing updates.  But if you are one of the fortunate few who will be out in New Mexico to watch the meet live, feel free to share your own live coverage with us, either on facebook or on twitter.

In the meantime, USTFCCCA compiled some amazing tables for this weekend’s action: one table previews each event by sharing each athlete’s seasonal stats, and another table shows the field qualifying breakdown.  Feel free to use these for any kind of event predictions or to just follow the meet.

Good luck to all HepsNation athletes, and go show the NCAA what it means to be Ivy!

FRIDAY, MARCH 14th     Start Lists, Day 1 (Men | Women)

Time (MT)    Time (ET)
10:00am          12:00pm          Heptathlon – 60 meters
~ 10:35am       ~12:35pm        Heptathlon – Long Jump
~ 11:35am       ~1:35pm          Heptathlon – Shot Put
~ 1:05pm         ~3:05pm          Heptathlon – High Jump
4:00pm            6:00pm            Men’s Weight Throw – Trials and Finals
4:00pm            6:00pm            Men’s High Jump – Final
heps-bird-2Montez Blair (Cornell)
     Maalik Reynolds (Penn)
6:00pm            8:00pm            Women’s Pole Vault – Final
6:00pm            8:00pm            Men’s Long Jump – Trials and Finals
6:00pm            8:00pm            Women’s Long Jump – Trials and Finals
6:00pm            8:00pm            Men’s Mile – Semifinal
heps-bird-2Will Geoghegan (Dartmouth)
     John Gregorek (Columbia)
     Steve Mangan (Dartmouth)
Michael Williams (Princeton)
6:15pm            8:15pm            Women’s Mile – Semifinal
6:30pm            8:30pm            Men’s 60m Hurdles – Semifinal
6:45pm            8:45pm            Women’s 60m Hurdles – Semifinal
6:55pm            8:55pm            Men’s 400m – Semifinal
7:00pm            9:00pm            Women’s Weight Throw – Trials and Finals
7:10pm            9:10pm            Women’s 400m – Semifinal
7:25pm            9:25pm            Men’s 60m Dash – Semifinal
7:35pm            9:35pm            Women’s 60m Dash – Semifinal
7:45pm            9:45pm            Men’s 800m – Semifinal
7:55pm            9:55pm            Women’s 800m – Semifinal
     Megan Krumpoch (Dartmouth)
     heps-bird-2Erika Veidis (Harvard)
8:05pm            10:05pm          Men’s 200m – Semifinal
     heps-bird-2Bruno Hortelano-Roig (Cornell)
8:15pm            10:15pm          Women’s 200m – Semifinal
8:25pm            10:25pm          Men’s 5000m – Final
      heps-bird-2Maksim Korolev (Harvard)
heps-bird-2James Leakos (Harvard)
8:45pm            10:45pm          Women’s 5000m – Final
       Abbey D’Agostino (Dartmouth)
9:05pm            11:05pm          Men’s 200m – Final
     heps-bird-2Bruno Hortelano-Roig (Cornell)
9:10pm            11:10pm          Women’s 200m – Final
9:15pm            11:15pm          Men’s Distance Medley Relay – Final
heps-bird-2Columbia (John Gregorek, heps-bird-2Harry McFann, heps-bird-2Brendon Fish,heps-bird-2Daniel Everett, heps-bird-2Noah Lartigue, Kevin Boyd)
9:30pm            11:30pm          Women’s Distance Medley Relay – Final
heps-bird-2Dartmouth (heps-bird-2Dana Giordano, heps-bird-2Jennifer Meech, Megan Krumpoch , Abbey D’Agostino, Elizabeth Markowitz, Margaret Donovan)


SATURDAY, MARCH 15th    Start Lists, Day 2 (Men | Women)

Time (MT)    Time (ET)

11:00am          1:00pm            Heptathlon – 60m Hurdles
~11:45am        ~1:45pm          Heptathlon – Pole Vault
11:45am          1:45pm            Pentathlon – 60m Hurdles
~12:25pm        ~2:25pm          Pentathlon – High Jump
~2:15pm          ~4:15pm          Heptathlon – 1,000m
~2:25pm          ~4:25pm          Pentathlon – Shot Put
3:30pm            5:30pm            Men’s Shot Put – Trials and Finals
       heps-bird-2Stephen Mozia (Cornell)
3:30pm            5:30pm            Women’s High Jump – Trials and Finals
~3:55pm          ~5:55pm          Pentathlon – Long Jump
~5:00pm          ~7:00pm          Pentathlon – 800m
5:30pm            7:30pm            Men’s Pole Vault – Finals
6:00pm            8:00pm            Men’s Triple Jump – Trials and Finals
6:00pm            8:00pm            Women’s Triple Jump – Trials and Finals
      Nadia Eke (Columbia)
6:00pm            8:00pm            Women’s Shot Put – Trials and Finals
6:00pm            8:00pm            Men’s Mile – Finals
heps-bird-2Will Geoghegan (Dartmouth)
     John Gregorek (Columbia)
     Steve Mangan (Dartmouth)
Michael Williams (Princeton)

6:10pm            8:10pm            Women’s Mile – Finals
6:20pm            8:20pm            Men’s 60m Hurdle – Finals
6:30pm            8:30pm            Women’s 60m Hurdle – Finals
6:40pm            8:40pm            Men’s 400m – Finals
6:50pm            8:50pm            Women’s 400m – Finals
7:00pm            9:00pm            Men’s 60m Dash – Finals
7:10pm            9:10pm            Women’s 60m Dash – Finals
7:20pm            9:20pm            Men’s 800m – Finals
7:30pm            9:30pm            Women’s 800m – Finals
     Megan Krumpoch (Dartmouth)
     heps-bird-2Erika Veidis (Harvard)
7:40pm            9:40pm            Men’s 3,000m – Finals
      heps-bird-2Maksim Korolev (Harvard)
7:55pm            9:55pm            Women’s 3,000m – Finals
       Abbey D’Agostino (Dartmouth)
8:05pm            10:05pm          Men’s 4×400 Relay – Final
8:20pm            10:20pm          Women’s 4×400 Relay – Final

Italicized means it depends on the results of the trials, held earlier in competition

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