Positive Feedback


We’re tweaking the #ThrowbackThursday definition this week as we are looking back at to this past Saturday to a story we just had to share.

We received a feedback through our “Contact” link from an Ivy track parent about a scenario that occurred at the Sam Howell Invitational that never would have shown up on the meet result pages or meet recap.  The story, in their own words:

“At the Sam Howell meet in Princeton today, during the 400 meter hurdles a runner went down hard with an injury. Immediately, Coach [Fred] Samara of Princeton ran over to assist this kid before any one else could react. Coach Samara has always embodied the full spirit of track and field in the Ivy league and beyond. This was yet just another example of what the fraternal order of elite coaches do instinctively that makes one proud to be associated with the league. I have a couple of pictures of Coach S helping this kid that I would like to submit. Can I have an email address that I can send them to? Thanks.”

The photo above is one of those images that they emailed me earlier this week.  The young athlete, who we believe to be a freshman hurdler from Rowan University, hit the 8th hurdle during the 400m hurdle event held on Saturday.  We reached out to Coach Fred Samara for his own recollection of the scene shown in the photo:

 “I was worried that he may have had a concussion. As he hit his head pretty hard and was sort of moaning as I tried to speak with him. I asked him his name to see if he was coherent. It took him a few moments to answer, so we didn’t want to move him. But after a while he came around.”

Fortunately, the athlete was able to walk off the track with his coaches after a few minutes.

Coach Samara’s instinctive response to the incident might not had been something that was memorable to the coach himself (Coach Samara originally did not recall the event as he admitted he was “running around do all the meet stuff”), but it was memorable to the someone out there.   And now, we honor those few minutes of care.

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