Women’s Final Thoughts (With Entries)

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The women entries did not provide as many surprises or thoughts as the men’s did, but there were some interesting declaration made. Beginning with the sprints and hurdles. Dartmouth sophomore Kaitlin Whitehorn is going to be busy — 100m, 200m, high jump and a relay.

Dartmouth’s Megan Krumpoch is going to focus on the 400m hurdles instead of trying the 400m hurdle-800m double. Krumpoch’s 400m hurdle final just got a little easier as Harvard’s Autumne Franklin (top time of the season) is not contesting it this time as she’s focusing on maximizing points in the 100 hurdles (where she’s the defending champ), 200m dash and both relays. The 400m is loaded with Cornell sprinters, so do not be surprised to see Cornell get at least 20 points in the event (maybe even a 1-2-3-4). What is a surprise is the Big Red’s limited presence in the 100m and 200m. Only one entrant in the 100m, and two in the 200m. This is a departure from days gone by.

All of the races between the 800m and 3000m are going to be extremely competitive. With Krumpoch opting out, the 800m title is expected to go to either Columbia’s Trina Bills, Harvard’s Erika Veidis or Cornell’s Elyse Wilkinson. The 1500m now has the added boost of Dartmouth’s Dana Giordano, who ran a 4:43.36 1600m indoors (a low 4:20s for 1500m), which places her in the mix with Columbia’s Olivia Sadler and Harvard’s Molly Renfer. No Abbey D’Agostino in the 1500m — she’s opting for the 3k, 5k and (wait for it) 10km TRIPLE (and likely the 4×800 relay).

Yeah, seeing D’Ag’s name in the 10k had me writing “WHAT!” all over that entry list. Could she win all three events? I have no idea, but Dartmouth’s entries are indicative that the Green wants to give Abbey a team title in her last Heps. In that 10k race, she’ll have a number of Cornell runners (including Rachel Sorna and Devin McMahon) who are looking for a 1-2-3-4-5 sweep to help them in their team race. The Big Red is putting a lot of eggs into the 10k and steeple baskets, thus avoiding a highly-anticipated 5k.

But the race of the meet is going to be the women’s 3000m run. D’Ag, Waverly Neer, Sorna, Megan Curham, Morgan Kelly, Dana Giordano, Heidi Caldwell. It’s not going to be just competitive, but it is going to be fast — or I hope it will be fast [please please please please!!!!] — AND amazing.

The women’s team battle is going to be between Cornell and Harvard for the title.  Based on some math I did, I have Harvard holding off Cornell by less than 10 points. I would be surprised if the margin of win was any wider. Columbia will be battling Dartmouth and Princeton for third.

– Mary Boggs

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