Catching Up During Storm Delay


With a short break in the Heps action, I’ll get to posting some of the women’s preliminary round results.

Day 1 of the women’s heptathlon is complete, and the competition is tight.  Dartmouth’s Janae Dunchack holds a slim 10 point lead over Princeton’s Elizabeth McKenna after four events (3,176 to 3,766 points), while Harvard’s Madison Hansen is not too far back in 3,145 points.  Heptathlon action resumes tomorrow at 11am.

It looks like the hurdles, 400m, and 1500m preliminary rounds were completed before the first signs of lightning was seen in the track vicinity. (I have also read on twitter that is looks like the men’s javelin is done, but there are no results available online yet) While we do have some fast times for the preliminary rounds, not all of the marks are wind-legal so the numbers in the 2nd column from the right are the wind readings in meters per second.

Women’s 100m Hurdles:

  1 Piper, Gabrielle          SR Penn                     13.66Q  4.4  1     
  2 Franklin, Autumne         SO Harvard                  13.74Q  2.3  2     
  3 Modesett, Jackie          FR Harvard                  13.74Q  4.4  1     
  4 Chijioke, Iris            SO Columbia                 13.96Q  2.3  2     
  5 Abbate, Olivia            SR Harvard                  13.97Q  4.4  1     
  6 Daniels, Zaakirah         SR Cornell                  14.07Q  2.3  2     
  7 Van Metre, Rachel         SO Brown                    14.39q  4.4  1     
  8 Ready, Lauren             JR Dartmouth                14.48q  2.3  2

Women's 400m Dash:
  1 Akpaete, Udeme            SO Cornell                E 53.24Q  1          
  2 Airewele, Ebolutalese     SR Cornell                E 54.35Q  3          
  3 Kolliesuah, Zena          JR Cornell                E 54.98Q  2          
  4 Cable, Emily              JR Yale                   E 54.37q  1          
  5 Meech, Jennifer           SO Dartmouth              E 54.88q  3          
  6 Parker, Jaycee            SO Columbia               E 55.27q  3          
  7 Woodford, Katie           JR Cornell                E 55.73q  2          
  8 Hennig, Taylor            SO Penn                     56.20q  1

Women's 1500m Run:
  1 Giordano, Dana            SO Dartmouth            E 4:23.85Q  1          
  2 Sadler, Olivia            SO Columbia             E 4:26.67Q  2          
  3 Renfer, Molly             JR Harvard              E 4:25.66Q  1          
  4 Markowitz, Elizabeth      SO Dartmouth            E 4:27.33Q  2          
  5 Foland, Aryn              JR Columbia             E 4:26.55Q  1          
  6 Montgomery, Ashley        FR Penn                 E 4:28.48Q  2          
  7 Gillespie, Sarah          FR Harvard              E 4:27.34q  1          
  8 Niedrach, Kristen         SO Cornell              E 4:29.39q  2          
  9 Higgins, Molly            SR Princeton              4:32.25q  1          
 10 Seykora, Maria            SO Princeton              4:33.01q  1

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