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East Preliminary Declarations: Men | Women

UPDATE (Thursday, 2 pm): We did pretty damned well on the projecting. Three athletes pulled out of double duty, opting instead for a single race. Columbia’s Dan Everett remains in the 5k, out of the 1,500m. Curtis King of Dartmouth is also in the 5k, but no longer in the 10k. Harvard’s Emily Reese did the opposite, electing to run 10k instead of 5k. King pulling out of the 10k allowed Penn’s Brendan Shearn to join the field. And the one call we didn’t make, the two Harvard high jumpers tied for the last slots, resulted in good news/bad news. Raegan Nizdil is in. Ann Giebelhaus is out. Also, Evan Weinstock of Brown will be in the decathlon at NCAA Nationals in Eugene. Final tally for Jacksonville: 134 individual entrants (76 men, 58 women), four relays.

The declarations for the NCAA East Preliminaries, to be contested May 29-31 in Jacksonville, Fla., will be formalized on Thursday, but we’ve taken a look at the athletes “to be considered” as well as the event-by-event scratches and come up with the top 48 in each event.

This is certainly not the official list — so don’t book a flight because of just this post — but it does show the 135 Heps individual entries (77 men, 58 women) and four relays (two each) are in solid position to compete. In the women’s high jump, two Harvard athletes are among 10 tied for four slots. We’ve listed them with a note, but not counted them in our tally.

Quick notes: Dartmouth seven-time NCAA champion Abbey D’Agostino is running one event — her 5k speciality … She’d qualified in the 10k as well, but elected not to do the double after an amazing triple win at Heps … Nice to see two seniors — Cornell’s Bruno Hortelano-Roig (200) and Princeton’s Damon McLean (TJ) — as entrants (so far) … Both were injured at Heps … Cornell’s Rob Robbins, one of the nation’s top javelin throwers, is scratched … Dartmouth’s Megan Krumpoch has opted for the 800 and eschewed the 400m hurdles … Princeton’s durable Tom Hopkins — who earned first- or second-team All-Ivy more than 20 times in his amazing career — is listed for the 400/LJ double … Two Cornell women — Udeme Akpaete and Zena Kolliesuah — in the 400 while a third (E.T. Airwele) seems to be a “just missed” … Penn sophomore Thomas Awad has entered both the 1500 and 5k … That wasn’t under consideration until he popped a sub-4 at the Penn Relays … Heps’ most outstanding runner — Cornell hurdler Max Hairston — is doing both hurdles (as is Harvard sophomore Autumne Franklin) … Cornell All-American Stephen Mozia is doing the SP/DT double … Princeton senior Chris Bendtsen, the top seed in the 10k, is also running the 5k … No Maksim Korolev of Harvard … There are at least seven Heps men in every event from 800 to 10k (including the steeple) … The women have at least five in each … Cornell All-American Rachel Sorna is doing the 5k/steeple double … Penn’s Thomas Pitt is scheduled to both long jump and high jump … Another week with limited ice cream intake.


200m dash — Bruno Hortelano-Roig (Cornell); Larry Gibson (Cornell); Damani Wilson (Harvard).
400m dash — Tom Hopkins (Princeton).
800m run — Harry McFann (Columbia); Brendon Fish (Columbia); Will Weinlandt (Cornell); Drew Magaha (Penn); Tyler Benster (Brown); Mato Bekelja (Penn); Henry Tufnell (Brown).
1,500m run — Thomas Awad (Penn); John Gregorek (Columbia); William Paulson (Princeton); James Shirvell (Yale); Tim Cousins (Columbia); Michael Williams (Princeton); Adam Cotton (Harvard); Steve Mangan (Dartmouth).
5,000m run — James Leakos (Harvard); Thomas Awad (Penn); Tom Purnell (Harvard); Chris Bendtsen (Princeton); John Bleday (Dartmouth); Curtis King (Dartmouth); Daniel Everett (Columbia).
10,000m run — Chris Bendtsen (Princeton); Tyler Udland (Princeton); Kevin Dooney (Yale); Alejandro Arroyo Yamin (Princeton); James Leakos (Harvard); Jack Boyle (Columbia); Jake Sienko (Columbia); Will Geiken (Harvard); Brendan Shearn (Penn).
110m hurdles — Jarvis Harris (Harvard); Max Hairston (Cornell); Ben Bowers (Penn).
400m hurdles — Max Hairston (Cornell); Edward Wagner (Dartmouth); Jordan Sherwood (Cornell); Tom Timmins (Penn).
Steeplechase — Eddie Owens (Princeton); Brendan Smith (Penn); Henry Sterling (Dartmouth); Duncan Tomlin (Yale); David Melly (Cornell); Jordan Mann (Brown); Nick Tuck (Penn).
4x100m relay — Cornell.
4x400m relay — Cornell.
High jump — Maalik Reynolds (Penn); Montez Blair (Cornell); Thomas Pitt (Penn); Tommy Butler (Cornell).
Pole vault — Peter Roach (Cornell); Grant Sisserson (Cornell); Adam Bragg (Princeton).
Long jump — Elliot Safo (Harvard); Tom Hopkins (Princeton); Thomas Pitt (Penn).
Triple jump — Damon McLean (Princeton); Efe Uwaifo (Harvard); Nana Owusu-Nyantekyi (Princeton).
Shot put — Stephen Mozia (Cornell); Dustin Brode (Harvard); Igor Liokumovich (Harvard); Ben Glauser (Harvard); Chris Cook (Princeton); Scott Rushton (Princeton).
Discus throw — Sam Mattis (Penn); Stephen Mozia (Cornell); Courtland Clavette (Brown); Igor Liokumovich (Harvard).
Hammer throw — Ben Glauser (Harvard); Duncan Dickerson (Columbia).
Javelin throw — Dean Sullivan (Harvard); Jim Budzinski (Dartmouth).


100m dash — Danielle Barbian (Harvard); Marvellous Iheukwumere (Columbia).
200m dash — Sara Kikut (Dartmouth).
400m dash — Udeme Akpaete (Cornell); Zena Kolliesuah (Cornell).
800m run — Megan Krumpoch (Dartmouth); Erika Veidis (Harvard); Trina Bills (Columbia); Margaret Donovan (Dartmouth); Kim Mackay (Princeton); Elyse Wilkinson (Cornell).
1,500m run — Molly Renfer (Harvard); Olivia Sadler (Columbia); Sarah Gillespie (Harvard); Elizabeth Markowitz (Dartmouth); Ashley Montgomery (Penn).
5,000m run — Abbey D’Agostino (Dartmouth); Waverly Neer (Columbia); Dana Giordano (Dartmouth); Rachel Sorna (Cornell); Heidi Caldwell (Brown); Morgan Kelly (Harvard); Caroline Williams (Columbia).
10,000m run — Megan Curham (Princeton); Devin McMahon (Cornell); Emily Reese (Harvard); Caroline Kellner (Cornell); Elizabeth Simpson (Cornell); Maggi Szpak (Cornell); Viviana Hanley (Harvard); Emily Stark (Yale).
100m hurdles — Autumne Franklin (Harvard); Gabrielle Piper (Penn).
400m hurdles — Jade Miller (Harvard); Autumne Franklin (Harvard); Alexandra Stanton (Brown); Meghan McMullin (Princeton).
Steeplechase — Rachel Sorna (Cornell); Sarah Delozier (Dartmouth); Elizabeth Bird (Princeton); Kira Garry (Yale); Claire DeVoe (Cornell).
4x400m relay — Cornell; Harvard.
High jump — Kaitlin Whitehorn (Dartmouth); Raegan Nizdil (Harvard).
Triple jump — Nadia Eke (Columbia); Imani Oliver (Princeton).
Shot put — Nikki Okwelogu (Harvard); Emmaline Berg (Dartmouth).
Discus throw — Victoria Buhr (Brown); Nikki Okwelogu (Harvard); Kebbeh Darpolor (Brown).
Hammer throw — Julia Ratcliffe (Princeton); Adabelle Ekechukwu (Harvard); Heather Vermillion (Brown).
Javelin throw — Kelsey Hay (Penn); Hannah Mayer (Harvard); Ellie Gravitte (Brown); Holleigh Bergstrom (Brown).

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