NCAA Qualifying Status, Pre-Regionals

A calculator and sums on paper

With only 9 days until Regionals are scheduled to take place, Flotrack has released their latest Kolas Calculator prediction on who they think will qualify for NCAAs based on the season as of now.

So what is the Kolas Calculator?

The Kolas Calculator is an algorithm (developed by Brian Kolas) employed by NCAA that determines which teams qualify for NCAAs if they do not finish as one of the top 2 teams within their given region (therefore earning an at-large berth).  A team can earn Kolas points by beating other national-caliber teams throughout the season, so the overall seasonal performance for a given team matters.  Part of this calculation involves guessing which two teams will claim the automatic NCAA berths (along with potential Regional results), with the rest of the D1 teams battling it out for the remaining 13 spots.

Guess how many Ivy teams that most recent Kolas calculation predicted?

Only one – #22 Dartmouth women.  Flotrack has them winning the Northeast Region, which automatically secures a bid to NCAAs.

Meanwhile, both Princeton squads (USATFCCA ranked #31 men, #28 women) are listed as ranked teams who will NOT make it to NCAAs because they did not earn enough wins against other national-caliber teams earlier this season.  Flotrack says that both squads would need to secure a top 2 finish in their Mid-Atlantic region in order to make it to NCAAs.  That will be a tough challenge, as currently, both squads are ranked 4th in their region (behind the nationally ranked #7 Villanova, #14 Georgetown, and #24 Penn State men, and #2 Georgetown, #7 West Virginia, and #30 Villanova women).

But like weather forecasts, this Kolas prediction could very well not match what the Regional race outcome will be.

Flotrack will be providing updated Kolas Calculator results LIVE on Friday, November 14th as the Regional meets conclude.  We will provide more details next week when we provide details about the Regional races.

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