We Want You!


Got a love for Ivy League track and field that needs to be shown?

Want to find a way to get involved in this sport that does not require special shoes, spandex, or uniforms?

Then we want you!

Hepstrack.com is looking for new website team members, people who are passionate about Ivy League track and field/cross country, who would like a chance to help this website grow.   No, we are not looking for any kind of money – the support we are asking can fall into a number of volunteering categories:

  • help write-up meet results and call out any noteworthy performances or acts of sportsmanship
  • share any stories of any member of HepsNation, whether it be the alumni, undergraduates, or even the coaches
  • get involved in the behind-the-scenes preparation or on-site coverage of the best conference championship meets in the country: the Indoor and Outdoor Heps Championships.  These can range from result write-ups, action photography, video interviews, or live reporting through facebook/Twitter/this website
  • enhancing the website background content (recordbooks, team and/or athlete histories)
  • any other ideas to enhance the website!

There is no long-term time commitment required (and unfortunately, no compensation either).  Even if you’re only available for a one-time event, we would still love your support.  Over the history of this website, many people have reached out to us with story ideas, great shout outs, or Heps volunteering (in fact, our 2012 Indoor Heps coverage was done entirely by one-time volunteers at Barton Hall).  In order for this website to continue to be strong, we need that kind of support to continue to happen.

If anyone is interested in any kind of website or reporting volunteering, please contact us with your interest and how you feel you could help support this website.

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