Final iHeps Odds & Ends


We hope you’ve been enjoying the iHeps previews that we have published so far.  It’s been a fun week getting all of these items together for this weekend’s conference meet, but I could not have done it alone.  I want to thank L. Kelsey Armstrong, Susan Rodriguez, Nell Smith, Rachel Sorna, and Becky Wexler for their help not only this past week, but throughout the last month with the website coverage.  The website would not be the same without their input, so thank you!

A few other items before we head into our final previews:

If you’re planning to attend iHeps in person, please aware that Harvard has released a parking advisory for the Soldiers Field Athletic Complex as there are other sporting activities going on at the same time and the snow has limited the amount of available parking.  For full details, the release is available here.

If you can’t attend the meet but still wish to follow it, you still have a few options:

  1. this website 🙂
  2. Twitter, following @hepstrack or #iHeps hashtag
  3. Ivy League Digital Network – they will be live streaming the Sunday action, starting at noon.  Full details here

Lastly, you can still sign up for the Alumni Mile race.  According to our contact at the Ivy League office, 10 people have signed up so far, representing Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard and Princeton.  Can we make it a true Heps experience and have at least one representative from each school?  You can still sign up online at this link or on-site Sunday at 9:30am.

Oh, and do you want MORE Heps-related action this weekend?  Well on the other side of town is the USATF Indoor Trakc and Field National Championships, taking place at the Reggie Lewis Track and Field Center.  A number of Ivy alumni including Megan Krumpoch, Kyle Merber, Dan Lowry, Steve Mangan, Tom Hopkins, Montez Blair, Justin Frick, Morgan Uceny, Liam Boylan-Pett, Ethan Shaw, Liz Costello, Garrett Huyler, and Imani Oliver have qualified and entered the meet. Action starts on Friday night with the multi-events and continue to Sunday afternoon.  You can watch the meet through NBC Sports Network and

Anywho, we still have a few previews to go, so stay tuned.

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