Isn’t a packed house a beautiful sight?  Unfortunately, we don’t have any say in the seating or viewing arrangements so we will just have to enjoy the meet from whatever viewpoint that we can.  We’re crammed in to the crow’s nest with the timer, sitting on some random box.  My butt is going to hurt later.

The women’s 3,000m was expected to be a rematch between Princeton’s Megan Curham and Dartmouth’s Dana Giordano (as Curham bested Giordano at HepsXC last fall).  It did not disappoint.  The group was a tight pack through the first half of the race, but by the 2km point, the leaders of Giordano, Curham, Natalie Schudrowitz (Brown) and Kira Garry (Yale) had broken off.  They stayed together until 2 laps to go, when Curham and Giordano slowly moved ahead.  At the bell, Giordano began charging and while Curham tried to stay with her, Giordano dropped her with 50m to go.  Giordano wins in 9:22.24 to Curham’s 9:23.33.

Women’s 3000m results:

1 Giordano, Dana JR Dartmouth 9:22.24
2 Curham, Megan SO Princeton 9:23.33
3 Fluehr, Kathryn JR Princeton 9:25.15
4 Schudrowitz, Natalie FR Brown 9:26.08
5 Garry, Kira SR Yale 9:26.20
6 Whiting, Cleo SO Penn 9:28.09

Other results include the women’s pole vault, as Cornell went 1-2-4 behind Eve Bishop’s win with 3.90m.  Bishop is the first Cornell pole vault winner since 2008.

1 Bishop, Eve SR Cornell 3.90m* 12-09.50
2 Markin, Jennifer SR Cornell 3.80m@ 12-05.50
3 Harris, Allison SO Princeton 3.70m@ 12-01.50
4 Bartholomew, Alexis JR Cornell 3.70m@ 12-01.50
5 Plesons, Marina SR Dartmouth 3.60m@ 11-09.75
6 Shih, Catherine FR Yale 3.60m@ 11-09.75

The final women’s trials for the day was the women’s 200m dash.  You needed to run faster than 24.80 in order to make the final.  Wow – that fast.

Udeme Akpaete (Cornell) – 24.33
Ashley Cunningham (Columbia) – 24.37
Jennifer Meech (Dartmouth) – 24.40
Danielle Barbian (Harvard) – 24.52
Sara Kikut (Dartmouth) – 24.54
Akua Obeng-Akrofi (Columbia) – 24.60
Kaitlin Whitehorn (Dartmouth) – 24.71
Adrian Jones (Cornell) – 24.79

Qualifiers for Sunday:
Harvard & Dartmouth – 13
Cornell – 12
Columbia – 9
Princeton – 8
Penn – 6
Yale – 4
Brown – 1

The only women’s event that is still going on is the pentathlon (they are currently on the high jump).

After four finals,

                         Women - Team Rankings - 4 Events Scored             
    1) Princeton                   36        2) Columbia                   28
    3) Cornell                     23        4) Dartmouth                  12
    5) Brown                        9        6) Harvard                     8
    7) Yale                         5        8) Penn                        3

Men’s action will kick off at 2pm.

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