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The weight throw is one of those sporting events where you don’t want to get your implement stuck in the netting.  Well, Cornell’s Stephen Mozia has now done that twice, as he has thrown his weight up so high that it gets caught up in the net above the throwing circle (about 20 feet up).  The mark could have changed the scoring results for the weight throw final.  He’s getting re-throws, but it is delaying the conclusion of the event as the Board of Appeals determine what to do about these circumstances.

Mozia finally got his legal throw in, but it ended up not changing the final scoring.

In a slight upset, Cornell’s Rudy Winkler beat his teammate Bryan Rhodes for the win, 20.74m to 20.09m.  Winkler replaced Rhodes’ position in the recordbook, as Winkler’s winning toss is the 10th best mark in indoor conference history.

1 Winkler, Rudy SO Cornell 20.74m* 68-00.50 10
2 Rhodes, Bryan JR Cornell 20.09m* 65-11.00 8
3 O’Hara, Matthew JR Brown 18.19m@ 59-08.25 6
4 Whitener, Josh SO Harvard 18.13m@ 59-05.75 4
5 Filiano, Dom SR Dartmouth 17.82m@ 58-05.75 2
6 Mattis, Sam JR Penn 17.74m@ 58-02.50 1

Scores at the end of Day 1 for the men:

Men – Team Rankings – 4 Events Scored
1) Cornell 42 2) Princeton 39
3) Dartmouth 18 4) Penn 11
5) Harvard 6.50 6) Brown 6
7) Columbia 1 8) Yale 0.50

End of Day 1.  See you tomorrow.


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