Weekend Weather Update


When you’re packing for Outdoor Heps this weekend, be sure to bring the following:

– water bottles;
– hat (preferably wide-brimmed);
– sunglasses;
– sunscreen; and
– something comfortable to sit on.

The long range forecast has it getting into the sunny 80’s this weekend in Philadelphia.  Saturday’s high is predicted to be 82 degrees, while Sunday is supposed to climb to 84 degrees.

The environment might be favorable for the short sprints and jumps, but it can be a health risk to everyone – regardless if you’re an athlete or fan.

In fact, the championship meet officials have changed the Saturday schedule for the long-distance racers.  The 10km finals have been moved to after sunset – men at 8:15pm, women at 9:00pm – to allow for more comfortable racing conditions and lower the risk for heat exhaustion for the athletes.  The Saturday low is predicted as 64 degrees.  All of the other events are right now set to continue as scheduled.

We announced this on facebook and Twitter yesterday, and updated our website championship schedule and added text to the preview groupings about the time change.  It can never hurt to keep reminding the public of this change AND advise everyone to plan for the heat accordingly.  The weather models will change (yesterday, my source said it would be 87 degrees – it’s since been updated to 82 degrees for Saturday), but it will be hot and sunny for both days.

But as a warning – if I see people laying out in the stadium trying to get a tan, YOU WILL BE PHOTOGRAPHED AND SHARED ON SOCIAL MEDIA. 😉

“Ok, fine.  But how does a comfortable seat help me stay cool?”

Well, it doesn’t, but your legs, butt, and lower back will thank you for it after sitting in the stadium or stands for multiple days.  Just trying to look out for you. 🙂

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