It’s Go Time


And it’s go time!

We’re here at the 2015 Outdoor Heps Championships in Franklin Field, watching the final minutes of the warmups before the decathlon 100m kicks off.

Weather-wise, we got haze and humidity but no major heat yet.  Hopefully it doesn’t kill my computer as I provide the live updates on both Twitter and this blog.

Live results are provided by Leone Timing this year – you can check out the main results page or through our website’s schedule as we will be linking to the individual results page.  The entries are up – here are our observations  on the entries:

– Dartmouth’s Dana Giordano vs Columbia’s Olivia Sadler in the 1500m
– Giordano vs Princeto’s Meghan Curham in the 5k – round 3 between these ladies this year (HepsXC, Indoor 3km)
– Men’s 1,500m will be tense as it is scheduled to be Penn’s Thomas Awad, Princeton’s Bradley Paternostro, and Columbia’s Rob Napolitano
– Yale’s Kevin Dooney vs Dartmouth’s Curtis King in the 10km tonight
– Meanwhile, Awad, Dooney, King are also listed in the 5km entries
– Cornell’s Max Hairston will attempt to defend both of his hurdle titles
– 22 guys in the 10k; 17 women in the 10k
– defending champ Harvard Elliot Safo will make season debut in LJ
– no Cornell’s Grant Sisserson in the PV
– 8 decathletes – no indoor Heps champ Dartmouth’s Nico Robinson
– 12 heptathletes. looks like all of the favorites are in
– Princeton’s Elizabeth Bird vs Yale’s Kira Garry vs Brown rookie Natalie Schrudowitz in the SC – that will be a fun race to watch
– no Columbia men 4×100 squad, but all other events have a full Ivy entry

Good luck to all athletes this weekend, and stay tuned for the results.


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