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While some fans were hoping for Round 3 of Dartmouth’s Dana Giordano and Princeton’s Megan Curham this year, it was not meant to be as Giordano did not start the women’s 5,000m final.  Curham’s racing tactic was essentially the same as last night’s 10km final – go out fast and keep on moving.  Within 1 lap, she had a 20m lead on the field, and that doubled by the end of 2 laps (as shown above).  Curham’s 3km was 10:00.  The real question was “who will finish second?” as Princeton’s Kathryn Fluehr, Penn’s Cleo Whiting, Cornell’s Caroline Kellner, Dartmouth’s Reid Watson, and Columbia’s Aryn Foland.  It wasn’t answered until 300m to go when Foland made her move and no one of that chase group could go with her.  Curham won her second title of the weekend in 16:40.16, Foland was second in 16:44.96.

Women’s 5000m results:

1 Megan Curham – SO – Princeton 16:40.16
2 Aryn Foland – SR – Columbia 16:44.96
3 Cleo Whiting  – SO – Penn 16:49.98
4 Reid Watson  – JR – Dartmouth 16:52.08
5 Kathryn Fluehr – JR – Princeton 16:52.94
6 Caroline Kellner – JR – Cornell 16:54.03

Women’s scores after 18 events: Harvard 130, Princeton 100, Columbia 84, Cornell 73, Penn 56, Brown 44, Dartmouth 40, Yale 31

Unofficially, Harvard’s Nikki Okwelogu won her second title today (we say unofficial as we have yet to receive the official sheets and our news are from Instragram – thanks Victoria Buhr!) as she threw 53.78m to win the discus for the first time and set a new meet record.  Brown finished 2nd and 3rd with Josie Natraveschi (51.05m) and Kebbeh Darpolor (50.99m).

The men’s triple jump results are now official – Princeton got another 11 points for the team in this event, as Nana Owusu-Nyantekyi won with 51-03 and Lane Russell finished 6th in 48-08.75.  Indoor Heps champ Efe Uwaifo of Harvard finished in second with 50-02.5

Men Triple Jump results:

1. Nana Owusu-Nyantekyi – 51-03

2. Efe Uwaifo (Harvard) – 50-02.5

3. Robert Plummer (Cornell) – 49-10

4. Corey Muggler (Dartmouth) – 49-08.5

5. Jordan Palmer (Penn) – 49-01.75

6. Lane Russell (Princeton) – 48-08.75

The men’s 5000m had a lot of doublers from earlier in the meet – 1500m champ Thomas Awad (Penn), steeplechase champ Nick Tuck (Penn), Kevin Dooney (Yale), Brian Masterson (Dartmouth), and Curtis King (Dartmouth) to name a few.  Masterson took a huge lead for the opening laps, getting as far away as 50m within the first 6:15 of the race.  The gap started to close with about 5 laps to go, and Masterson was taken over by the pack with 3 laps to go.  The track was getting hot – volunteers were throwing water on the runners to help them stay cool, but some of the runners still had to drop out due to the heat.  At the bell, the field finally started to sprint, first with Dartmouth’s Joey Chapin, then Awad takes it over with 200m to go.  Awad found another gear with 100m to go and only Princeton’s Mike Mazzaccaro is able to go with him.  Awad ended up with his 2nd title of the weekend in 14:37.78, while Mazzaccaro finished in 2nd place with 14:37.99.  Dooney got his second 3rd place finish of the weekend with a time of 14:38.18.

Men’s 5000m results:

1 Thomas Awad – JR – Penn 14:37.78 10
2 Mike Mazzaccaro  – SR – Princeton 14:37.99 8
3 Kevin Dooney – JR – Yale 14:38.18 6
4 Tom Purnell – JR – Harvard 14:38.40 4
5 Sam Pons – SR – Princeton 14:38.47 2
6 Paul Ross – SR – Columbia 14:39.76 1

men scores after 18 events: Cornell 129.5, Princeton 127, Penn 83, Dartmouth 65, Harvard 48.5, Brown 48, Yale46, Columbia 21

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