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Time to begin the fast typing.

The track events were kicked off with the women’s steeplechase event.  The bulk of the leading was done by either Princeton’s Elizabeth Bird and Brown’s Natalie Schudrowitz.  Bird retook the lead for good though at 1.5 laps to go, pulling away from Schrudowitz to best her by about 30m, 10:06.48 to 10:08.77.  There was a battle for 3rd throughout the race between Yale’s Kira Garry, Harvard’s Paige Kouba, Brown’s Lucy Van Kluenen, and Princeton’s Emily de La Bruyere.  Kouba nipped Van Kluenen at the line for 3rd, 10:15.81 to 10:16.14.

Women’s Steeplechase results:

1. Bird (Princeton) – 10:06.48

2. Schrudowitz (Brown) – 10:08.77

3. Kouba (Harvard) – 10:15.81

4. Van Kluenen (Brown) – 10:16.14

5. Emily de La Bruyere (Princeton) – 10:17.74

6. Kira Garry (Yale) – 10:18.70

We received word that this is the last championships for Penn’s legendary outside-of-the-track water pit, which will be relocated as a part of the track resurfacing that is scheduled for this summer.  We will miss you, water pit, and the track won’t be the same without your unique location.

The men’s steeplechase started with Penn’s Nick Tuck speeding away from the field, getting a 20m lead within 2.5 laps over his teammate and defending champ Brendan Smith, Yale’s Duncan Tomlin, Princeton’s Connor Martin, Cornell’s David Melly, and Brown’s Jordan Mann.  Tuck continued to extend his lead and ended up winning the event by over 50m with a time of 8:46.53.  Cornell had two athletes score high, as David Melly got 2nd (8:51.83) and Connor Herr sprinted for 3rd (8:53.66).

Men’s Steeplechase results:

1 Nick Tuck SO – Penn 8:46.63
2 David Melly SR – Cornell 8:51.83
3 Connor Herr JR – Cornell 8:53.66
4 Duncan Tomlin JR – Yale 8:55.28
5 Jordan Mann SR – Brown 8:57.26
6 Connor Martin SR – Princeton 8:57.43

Men scores after 6 events: Princeton 47, Cornell 40, Dartmouth 39, Penn 24, Yale 14, Harvard 10, Brown 8, Columbia 4

Meanwhile, the women’s 4×100 needed to be run in a new conference and meet record time if you wanted to win the race for the second year in a row.  But this time, it was Cornell to were the victors.  The first two legs were between Cornell, Harvard, and Columbia, but Cornell got the better 3rd leg to give them the edge at the final handoff, and the Big Red anchor Katie Woodford held on for the win in a new record of 45.21.  The winning team also included Adrian Jones, Udeme Akpaete, and Zena Kolliesuah.

Women’s 4×100 results:

1. Cornell – 45.21

2. Harvard – 45.48

3. Columbia – 45.87

4. Dartmouth – 46.19

5. Penn – 46.49

6. Princeton – 47.03

Harvard’s Madison Hansen dominated the heptathlon this year, winning her 1st Heps title in 5,506 points, a new personal best for her.

1 Madison Hansen Harvard 5506

2 Noel Jancewicz Penn 5208

3 Taylor Morgan Princeton 5181

4 Allison Morrison Harvard 4946

5 Allison Frantz Dartmouth 4856

6 Miranda Lawson Dartmouth 4523

Women’s scores after 8 events (includes heptathlon): Princeton 58, Harvard 554, Penn 34, Cornell 31, Columbia 30, Brown 18, Dartmouth 16, Yale 7

Cornell made it a sweep for the 4×100, winning the event with 40.60.  Combining that with their strong showing in the high jump (1st – 4th – t-6th), Cornell is now at the top of the team leader board.

Men’s 4×100 Results

1 Cornell – R Hynes, L Gibson, R Weigel, B Paulino 40.60
2 Princeton – D Nelson, J Hill, J Scinto, C Akosa 40.98
3 Brown – O Oyewole, R Kelly, F Rhine, B Pfaff 41.10
4 Penn – W David, B Senior, H Scharf, B Bowers 41.14
5 Harvard – E Uwaifo, M Johnson, M Hurst, J Harris 41.26
6 Dartmouth – T Reilly, B Buskey, G Green, L May 41.72

Men’s HJ results:

1. Myles Lazarou (Cornell) – 2.07m

2. Jermey Birck (Dartmouth) & Thomas Pitt (Penn) – 2.07m

4. Austin Jamerson (Cornell) – 2.07m

5. Xavier Bledsoe (Princeton) – 2.07m

6. Spencer Lemons (Harvard) & Stephen Afadapa (Cornell) – 2.04m

Men scores after 8: Cornell 64.5, Princeton 57, Dartmouth 47, Penn 35, Brown & Yale 14, Harvard 12.5, Columbia 4

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