oHeps15 – Talking With… the Deciding Factor

At the end of the competition on Sunday, we had some time to catch up with some of the athletes before they needed to head back to their home campuses.

The first athlete we talked to was Princeton’s Stephen Soerens – once he caught his breath – after completing the 1,500m portion of the decathlon, where he needed to win the overall event in order to secure the Tiger team victory.  Going into this race, Cornell had a slim 2 point lead over the Tigers (151.5 to 149.5), and Cornell’s Austin Jamerson was in second place in the decathlon – 6,414 points to Soerens’ 6,573 points.  Although he had the decathlon title secured if he finished ahead of Jamerson in the race, Soerens decided to make his final Heps showing one for himself and the team – with the last bits of energy he had, he sprinted the final 80 meters to pass any athletes ahead of him, win the 1,500m portion, and earn a new personal best score of 7,319 points (4th best in meet history).

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