Challenging King James


While it isn’t uncommon for there to be discussion about Cleveland Cavaliers’ Lebron James athletic ability, there was widespread discussion on Twitter yesterday about how fast the basketball great could run a 400m.

Well, we have Kyle Merber to thank for initiating that discussion.

On Tuesday night, Merber posted the following tweet as he waits in Toronto to race the PanAm 1,500m final:

Later on, Merber admitted that he never spoke to James about such a race (he admits that he just tweets whatever pops into his head), but it did bring up discussion among various sport experts and journalists about what James could actually run.  The over/under at this time seems to be 56 seconds based on what I’ve seen on both twitter and on facebook.  The discussion and tweet even made yesterday.  Merber was flattered with the coverage, sharing this tweet:

To date, Merber’s initial tweet has been retweeted over 1.1k times, so theoretically, James owes us a 400m.

There is no word at this time on if James has heard about the challenge (although I think he’s heard about it by now).

In the meantime, Merber will race his 1,500m final on Saturday at 6:05pm ET.

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