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 Heat Sheets/Live Results

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to review the heat sheets that were published last night on  We took a look at them this morning with the question in mind of how the team scoring will change with the declared entries.

We redid the math, and there are indeed some changes that were mostly among the mid- to long-distance events.  Some were quite surprising.  For example:

  • 12 of the men ranked in the top 20 of the mile are NOT running.  Only one sub-4 miler will be in the field – defending Indoor Heps champ Rob Napolitano.
  • Penn’s Thomas Awad will be in the first heat of the men’s 3,000m final with a “no time” seed while Cornell’s James Gowan will chase the 800m title.
  • The women’s 500m and 1,000m fields are loaded this year, considering Princeton Cecilia Barowski will attempt the double and Brown’s Clare Peabody and Dartmouth’s Bridget O’Neill will race the 1,000m as they are among the fastest in conference history.
  • Harvard freshman Gabrielle Thomas will contest four events – 60m, 200m, long jump, and triple jump
  • Some of the top cross country names have been added to the 5,000m: Yale’s Kevin Dooney, Dartmouth’s Dana Giordano, Brown’s Natalie Schudrowitz, Dartmouth’s Joey Chapin and Curtis King, Columbia’s Tait Rutherford, Cornell’s Dominic DeLuca, Princeton’s Kathryn Fluehr, and Cornell’s Taylor Spillane to name a few.  No Awad or Harvard’s Courtney Smith.
  • Harvard gets a scoring boost in adding Madison Hansen and Allison Morrison to the pentathlon field.  Both athletes scored last year but they had yet to finish a pentathlon this year.

So we updated the scoring.  With additions, we tried to put in 2016 season’s bests, but if none were available, we then resorted to personal bests (very few “no times” in the field).  And this is what we came up with (showing the change in points from the scores based on the conference rankings).

Men’s Projected Scorings based on Heat Sheets

Cornell – 165 (-31 points)
Princeton – 130 (no change)
Dartmouth – 68 (+4 points)
Harvard – 68 (+20 points)
Penn – 68 (+ 11 points)
Brown – 60 (+15 points)
Yale – 41 (+7 points)
Columbia – 20 (-23 points)

Women’s Projected Scorings based on Heat Sheets

Harvard- 142.5 (-20.5 points)
Princeton – 95 (-28 points)
Cornell – 92 (no change)
Dartmouth – 79.5 (+ 9.5 points)
Penn – 64.5 (+ 5.5 points)
Brown – 61.5 (+11.5 points)
Columbia – 41 (+16 points)
Yale – 30 (-7 points)

Let’s see how accurate these predictions can be.

photo by Ivy League twitter

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