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The men’s mile is the first final on the track.  Defending champion Rob Napolitano of Columbia may be the slight favorite due to his sub-4 mile capabilities and being a speedy 800m runner, but he will have a good challenge from Princeton’s Garrett O’Toole who ran a 4:01 mile in high school and Cornell’s Mark Tedder who had the fastest preliminary round time.

Dartmouth’s Tim Gorman took the lead from the gun while Napolitano sat on his outside shoulder, content with running the first 400m in 64 seconds and 800m in 2:12.  Just before the 1200m split, Princeton’s Zach Albright moved into the lead (1200m in 3:16) and began to break away from the pack.  He was followed by Napolitano and Princeton teammate Garrett O’Toole.  O’Toole and Napolitano passed Albright after the bell and battled for most of the final lap.  But Napolitano had the best final surge, passing O’Toole with 20m to go and defends his mile title in 4:13.83.  O’Toole finished second in 4:14.08, while Gorman held on for third in 4:14.49.  Napolitano shared with the Ivy League that the final 100m was nerve-wracking but felt confident that he could win.

Men's Mile Finals                                                                       
  1 Napolitano, Rob           JR Columbia               4:13.83@  10         
  2 O'Toole, Garrett          SO Princeton              4:14.08@   8         
  3 Gorman, Tim               JR Dartmouth              4:14.49@   6         
  4 Tedder, Mark              JR Cornell                4:14.72    4         
  5 Hatler, Chris             JR Penn                   4:14.99    2         
  6 Naff, Keaton              SR Penn                   4:16.55    1

The women’s mile was a bit more unpredictable.  The pace went out at a 5 min/mile pace, led by #1 seed Frances Schmiede from Yale.  Harvard’s Paige Kouba, Penn’s Ashley Montgomery, and Dartmouth’s Helen Schlachtenhaufen all lingered behind her throughout the race.  Kouba and Montgomery try to move into the lead going into the 1200m, with Kouba taking over the overall lead and picking up the pace.  The bell lap was in 3:45 and Schmiede, Montgomery, and Schlachtenhaufen all made their moves such that it was 4-wide going into the final 50m.  But upsetting the field and surprising even herself, Schlachtenhaufen steals the win in 4:53.44, followed by Mongtomery in 4:53.58, Kouba in 4:53.66, and Schmiede in 4:53.70.  Columbia’s Olivia Sadler and Libby Kokes rounded out the scorers in the women’s mile.



Women Mile Finals                                                                          
  1 Schlachtenhaufen, Helen   JR Dartmouth              4:53.44@  10            
  2 Montgomery, Ashley        JR Penn                   4:53.58@   8            
  3 Kouba, Paige              SR Harvard                4:53.66@   6            
  4 Schmiede, Frances         JR Yale                   4:53.70@   4            
  5 Sadler, Olivia            SR Columbia               4:55.17@   2            
  6 Kokes, Libby              FR Columbia               4:55.19@   1

There was a little question about Cornell’s Max Hairston’s health going into today’s hurdle final as he pulled up during the 500m preliminaries yesterday.  But after watching him race, you could not tell he had any issues.  He regained his hurdle title, winning in 7.86 seconds.  Princeton’s Greg Caldwell also broke 8 seconds in the race (7.95) while Wynndham Curtis of Cornell grabbed third in 8.09.  Hairston shared that he felt calmer yesterday during the preliminaries but he was content with his finals performance.

Men Hurdle Finals                                                                       
  1 Hairston, Max             SR Cornell                   7.86M  10         
  2 Caldwell, Greg            SR Princeton                 7.95@   8         
  3 Curtis, Wynndham          JR Cornell                   8.09@   6         
  4 Gomes, Paedyn             SO Yale                      8.10@   4         
  5 Hebert, Jay               SO Harvard                   8.11@   2         
  6 Jamerson, Austin          JR Cornell                   8.16@   1         
  7 Johnson, Parker           FR Dartmouth                 8.18@             
  8 Bowers, Ben               SR Penn                      8.38

Harvard’s Autumne Frankin was chasing history in the hurdle final today as she was on track to becoming the second woman in conference history to win four straight 60m hurdle titles. She had the third fastest preliminary time from yesterday, behind teammate Jackie Modesett and Columbia’s Iris Chijioke. But once the gun went off, Franklin and Harvard dominated the event. Franklin made history, winning in 8.42 seconds, while teammates Jade Miller (8.51) and Modesett (8.61) finished 2nd and 3rd. Chijioke finished fourth in 8.67.

Women Hurdle Finals                                                                          
  1 Franklin, Autumne         SR Harvard                   8.42@  10            
  2 Miller, Jade              JR Harvard                   8.51@   8            
  3 Modesett, Jackie          JR Harvard                   8.61@   6            
  4 Chijioke, Iris            SR Columbia                  8.67@   4            
  5 Feeney, Abby              JR Dartmouth                 8.76@   2            
  6 Harris, Allison           JR Princeton                 8.81@   1 

                          Men - Team Rankings - 6 Events Scored              
    1) Cornell                     53        2) Princeton                  41
    3) Dartmouth                   33        4) Yale                       20
    5) Penn                        15        6) Columbia                   11
    7) Harvard                      7        8) Brown                       6
                         Women - Team Rankings - 7 Events Scored                
    1) Harvard                     61.50     2) Dartmouth                  42   
    3) Princeton                   30        4) Cornell                    25.50
    5) Penn                        19        5) Brown                      19   
    7) Columbia                    16        8) Yale                        4


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