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It is a big field for the men’s 5000m final with 27 men entered but no conference leader Ben Rainero of Cornell.  Brian Masterson of Dartmouth is #2 in the conference and he took out the lead by the 600m.  He pulled away from the pack and had about a 15m lead by the 1km point (2:55.85) while his teammate Nat Adams led the chase pack.  Masterson kept up the tempo pace, extending his lead to 6 seconds on the field.  Masterson was on a 14:25 pace at the halfway point.  The chase pack kept changing up its leaders, with Harvard’s Brendon Price and Penn’s Brendan Smith leading at various points.  But Masterson began to slow down in the second half of the race and was ultimately passed by Dartmouth’s Joey Chapin and Harvard’s Brendon Price with a little less than 4 laps to go.  Chapin managed to have enough in the tank to speed away from Price to get the title in 14:25.97.  Price finished as the runner-up.   There was drama for third place as Cornell’s Brian Eimstad needed to dive for the line to secure third place over Penn’s Brendan Shearn to help Cornell out in the team race.  Princeton did not get any points in this event.

Men's 5km Finals                                                                       
  1 Chapin, Joey              SR Dartmouth             14:25.96@  10         
  2 Price, Brandon            JR Harvard               14:32.11@   8         
  3 Eimstad, Brian            SR Cornell               14:34.60@   6         
  4 Shearn, Brendan           JR Penn                  14:34.67@   4         
  5 Masterson, Brian          SR Dartmouth             14:36.82@   2         
  6 Smith, Brendan            SR Penn                  14:38.56@   1
                          Men - Team Rankings - 15 Events Scored             
    1) Princeton                  135        2) Cornell                   104
    3) Dartmouth                   67        4) Penn                       50
    5) Harvard                     32        5) Brown                      32
    7) Columbia                    24        8) Yale                       21

Meanwhile, the heptathlon pole vault is still  underway as the bar is now set at 14-11.  Cornell’s Austin Jamerson has cleared this height to the crowd’s delight.

The women’s 5,000m final is expected to be a battle between Dartmouth’s Dana Giordano and Brown’s Natalie Schudrowitz, much like the final laps of the 3,000m last night.  Cornell’s Caroline Kellner acted as the early pace setter, running 3:15.79 for the first 1km and mile in 5:15 with Harvard’s Elianna Schwayder on her outside shoulder while Giordano and Schudrowitz were just a few steps back.  The top four did not change – if anything they began to pull away some from the field with Penn’s Cleo Whiting and Princeton’s Kathryn Fluehr joining the group, as the top six went through 3200m in 10:34.  It wasn’t until 4 laps to go before someone else attempted to take the lead as Giordano pulled to the front and picked up the pace.  Kellner retook the lead about a lap later.  Kellner and Schudrowitz began to pull away from Giordano with 2 laps to go and at the bell, Schudrowitz sprinted away.  Kellner and Giordano could not respond so Schudrowitz won her first Heps title in 16:21.27.  Kellner got her best Heps finish with 2nd place (16:26.95) while Giordano held on for third.


Women 5km Finals                                                                          
  1 Schudrowitz, Natalie      SO Brown                 16:21.27B  10            
  2 Kellner, Caroline         SR Cornell               16:26.95B   8            
  3 Giordano, Dana            SR Dartmouth             16:29.19B   6            
  4 Whiting, Cleo             JR Penn                  16:34.53@   4            
  5 Jeffers, Carleen          FR Brown                 16:42.89@   2            
  6 Kamrani, Pegah            JR Columbia              16:58.03@   1

Field event update – Harvard’s Nikki Okwelogu makes it three in a row for the shot put, winning with a best toss of 17.01m. Cornell claimed spots 2-3-4 with Michaela Smith, Leena Morris, and Taylor Drayton.

Women Shot Put Finals                                                                           
  1 Okwelogu, Nikki           JR Harvard                 17.01mB  55-09.75  10   
      15.48m  15.58m  16.44m  15.80m  16.18m  17.01m                             
  2 Smith, Michaela           SO Cornell                 14.00m@  45-11.25   8   
      13.08m  13.75m  FOUL  12.98m  14.00m  13.88m                               
  3 Morris, Leena             FR Cornell                J14.00m@  45-11.25   6   
      13.64m  13.80m  14.00m  13.78m  13.75m  13.21m                             
  4 Drayton, Taylor           SO Cornell                 13.73m@  45-00.50   4   
      13.33m  13.73m  13.59m  FOUL  FOUL  13.02m                                 
  5 O'Dell, Kennedy           SO Princeton               13.01m   42-08.25   2   
      12.92m  FOUL  13.01m  FOUL  12.68m  12.99m                                 
  6 Graf, Serena              SR Penn                    12.89m   42-03.50   1   
      12.18m  12.44m  12.56m  12.89m  12.69m  FOUL
                        Women - Team Rankings - 16 Events Scored                 
    1) Harvard                    115.50     2) Cornell                   107.50 
    3) Dartmouth                   89        4) Princeton                  55    
    5) Brown                       45.50     6) Penn                       37.50 
    7) Columbia                    32        8) Yale                       14

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