Nemec Receives Ban From IAAF


The Associated Press reported today that former Columbia runner and Croatian marathoner Lisa (Stublic) Nemec has been given a four year ban from athletic competition by the IAAF due to a positive out-of-competition drug test collected in October 2015.

Nemec had previously qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics for Croatia in the marathon ten days prior to the sample collection date at the Berlin Marathon, where the post-race drug samples came back negative.  Nemec has previously represented Croatia at the 2012 London Olympics.  There is no word on what substance was found in the drug sample.

Back in February, Nemec released the following statement on her facebook page, providing her side of the hearing proceedings (note – translated from Croatian to English via facebook):

“I had the urge to write this post how’d you all brightened up what happened in recent months. I can’t go into detail but in short:
After four weeks of hearings, to my surprise, a decision was made, which unfortunately is not in my favor. First of all I want to say I’m innocent, I even went to a polygraph how I proved it. I’m very disappointed because I didn’t get a fair hearing by hzta (Croatian Institute for toksicologiju and antidoping). By a lot of things, I’m not given right in defense for questioning the other side, or they gave me the paperwork I asked them. Tim violated my basic human rights. Of course I’ll complain about that decision Cas-in (International Sports Court) in lausanne where I get really independent trial where hzta will have to explain their failures dopinške kontrolorke during taking urine. Besides all that, I filed a criminal complaint about this case. I’m sorry that such things can happen in Croatia where big damage and name of Croatian athletics in the world.
In the end, thank you all who are supporting me, this won’t discourage me.
Moving on to fight and train. 🙂 “



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