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The 2016 Outdoor Heps Championships officially started at the top of the hour with the men’s hammer throw competition.  We expect it to be a good competition between defending champion Rudy Winkler of Cornell, rookies Adam Kelly of Princeton and Owen Russell of Brown, and Dartmouth’s Colin Minor – the only men who have thrown farther than 200 feet this year.  There will be two flights for all 16 competitors.


Interesting tidbit – Kelly and Russell frequently battled each other in high school as both of them attended high school in Rhode Island (Kelly – Barrington; Russell – Moses Brown).

The hammer throw will be the main action for the next hour, as the next event – the heptathlon 100m hurdles – is scheduled to start at 11am.

The men’s hammer record book is going to need massive upgrades, and we aren’t done with the preliminary rounds.  Winkler broke the Ivy League record with his first throw of the competition – 245-10 – to break Princeton’s Conor McCullough’s mark of 242-10 and set a new NCAA leading mark, while Russell entered the record books with a new school record of 211-11.25 (8th in conference history).  The competition is still ongoing and we expect more new entries to this event before it is done.

In the end, it was Winkler, Kelly, and Russell who set new personal records and impacted the Ivy League record book.  Winkler ended up resetting the new conference and championship meet record to 246-05, breaking McCullough’s mark from the 2012 season.  In fact, all five of Winkler’s legal marks rank among the top 10 in meet history – #1, #2 (245-10), #4 (232-00 1/2), #6 (228-11 1/2), and #7 (226-03 3/4).  Kelly moved up to #5 all-time with his runner-up finish of 221-05 (#9 in meet history) while Russell is now #8 in conference history.  Quite a final indeed.

  Ivy League: # 242-10  2012        Connor McCullough, Princeton                 
Championship: C 236-08  2012        Conor McCullough, Princeton                  
        IC4A: I 52.50m                                                           
    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points
  1 Winkler, Rudy             JR Cornell                 75.10mI    246-05  10   
      68.98m  74.94m  75.10m  70.73m  69.79m  FOUL                               
  2 Kelly, Adam               FR Princeton               67.50mI    221-05   8   
      62.53m  65.16m  FOUL  65.23m  67.50m  FOUL                                 
  3 Russell, Owen             FR Brown                   64.60mI    211-11   6   
      63.05m  64.60m  62.10m  61.37m  62.86m  FOUL                               
  4 Minor, Colin              SO Dartmouth               61.16mI    200-08   4   
      FOUL  57.76m  FOUL  51.30m  61.16m  FOUL                                   
  5 O'Hara, Matthew           SR Brown                   60.15mI    197-04   2   
      59.19m  59.21m  60.15m  FOUL  57.48m  57.60m                               
  6 Youn, Vic                 JR Princeton               58.10mI    190-07   1   
      54.50m  57.45m  57.46m  56.54m  56.37m  58.10m

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Winkler’s photo by Zeb Lang

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