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To be a women’s 100m finalist, you needed to run faster than 12 seconds in order to make the at-large qualifying cut.  Harvard’s freshmen of Gabrielle Thomas and Ngozi Musa won their respective heats in 11.66 and 11.81.  Thomas’ time is tied for the first fastest in meet history.  Cornell’s Adrian Jones also broke into the meet top-10 – her 11.73 ties her for the eighth fastest in meet history.  Other qualifiers in clude Penn’s Taylor McCorkle (11.82), Yale’s Sydney Cureton (11.86), Dartmouth’s Kaitlin Whitehorn (12.01) as the auto-qualifiers, and Brown’s Audrea Holt (11.94) and Columbia’s Ashley Cunningham (11.94) as the at-large qualifiers.

Meanwhile, running sub-2:10 does NOT guarantee you a spot in the 800m finals.  Penn’s Ella Wurth missed the cut with her 2:09.94.  Who made the cut?  Two-time Indoor Heps 1000m champ Sarah Hardie of Columbia has the fastest qualifier in 2:07.43 and will be joined by her teammate Brittney Wade (2:08.70).  Princeton also has two qualifiers – Ashley Forte (2:08.41) and Zoe Sims (2:09.64).  The remaining finalists include the Indoor Heps 800m champ Shannon McDonnell of Yale (2:08.95), Brown’s Taylor Worthy (2:09.18), Dartmouth’s Bridget O’Neill (2:09.36), and Cornell’s Shannon Hugard (2:09.65).

Penn’s Sam Mattis makes it four in a row – both in terms of Outdoor Heps championships and resetting the championship meet record.  He won with a new meet best of 204-11, besting his mark from last year by 2 feet and 4 inches.  Penn finished with 18 points as Noah Kennedy-White finished as the runner-up in 184-04.  Cornell’s rookie Kevin Benson improved his discus personal best by almost 27 feet to finish in third place with 183-02.

  Ivy League: # 221-03  3/19/2016   Sam Matis, Penn                              
Championship: C 202-07  5/10/2015   Sam Mattis, Penn                             
        IC4A: I 47.00m                                                           
    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points
  1 Mattis, Sam               SR Penn                    62.45mI    204-11  10   
      62.45m  FOUL  58.46m  58.98m  59.53m  59.23m                               
  2 Kennedy-White, Noah       JR Penn                    56.18mI    184-04   8   
      52.21m  56.18m  54.80m  52.64m  53.89m  50.42m                             
  3 Benson, Kevin             FR Cornell                 55.84mI    183-02   6   
      55.84m  42.48m  47.37m  47.02m  45.60m  45.50m                             
  4 Cook, Chris               JR Princeton               54.48mI    178-09   4   
      51.55m  48.39m  FOUL  51.67m  FOUL  54.48m                                 
  5 Bell, Jared               JR Princeton               53.14mI    174-04   2   
      51.86m  53.14m  FOUL  52.13m  52.73m  52.66m                               
  6 Nunally, Julian           JR Harvard                 53.11mI    174-03   1   
      FOUL  FOUL  50.73m  53.11m  51.53m  47.57m

Cornell sophomore Taysia Radoslav is hoping to break Harvard’s Jade Miller’s winning streak at Outdoor Heps.  Radoslav ran the fastest prelim time of 57.66 – a new personal best, 5th fastest in conference history, and 2nd fastest in meet history.  Miller had the third fastest time of the day – 58.87 – as she finished behind teammate Autumne Franklin (58.40).  Franklin’s time is 5th fastest in meet history.  These three women were the only sub-60 times of the prelims.  Other finalists include Dartmouth’s Marissa Evans (61.78) and Kathleen Sprout (63.08), Princeton’s Meghan McMullin (61.84) and Carly Bonnet (62.07), and Cornell’s Ellery Bianco (62.04).

Harvard’s Gabrielle Thomas set the pace for the 200m prelims – she was the only athlete to go sub-24 as she ran 23.80, the sixth fastest in meet history.  Defending champion Udeme Akpaete made the finals but as an at-large qualifier as she finished third in her heat in a time 24.19.  Adrian Jones (24.18) will join Akpaete to represent Cornell in the final.  Penn also has two qualifiers in the final – Taylor McCorkle (24.32) and Imani Sloan (24.72).  Brown’s Audrea Holt (24.15) and Columbia’s Ashley Cunningham (24.39) will also contend the 100m-200m double while Dartmouth’s Jennifer Meech is doing the 200m-400m double (24.26)

Brown’s O’sha Williams won her first Outdoor Heps title, and she needed a new personal best to do so.  She held off Harvard’s duo of Allison Morrison and Gabrielle Thomas to claim the long jump title.  Williams won with a distance of 18-11, while Morrison finished in second place (18-10) and Thomas was third (18-07 3/4).

  Ivy League: # 21-11.75  2009        Jeomi Maduka, Cornell                           
Championship: C 21-03.25  2008        Jeomi Maduka, Cornell                           
        ECAC: E    5.80m                                                              
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind           Points
  1 Williams, O'Sha           SR Brown                    5.74m  +0.0  18-10.00  10   
     5.29m(-0.0) 5.49m(0.1) 5.66m(0.7) 5.58m(-0.4) 5.47m(+0.0) 5.74m(+0.0)            
  2 Morrison, Allison         SR Harvard                  5.71m  +0.0  18-09.00   8   
     5.54m(+0.0) 5.66m(-0.8) PASS      FOUL      5.71m(+0.0) 5.67m(+0.0)              
  3 Thomas, Gabrielle         FR Harvard                  5.68m  +0.0  18-07.75   6   
     5.68m(+0.0) 5.55m(0.1) 5.56m(-0.8) PASS      5.51m(NWI) PASS                     
  4 Ronde, Sara               SR Princeton                5.61m   1.1  18-05.00   4   
     5.61m(1.1) 5.38m(-0.0) FOUL      FOUL      5.51m(+0.0) 5.40m(1.0)                
  5 Baker, Haley              JR Harvard                  5.57m  +0.0  18-03.25   2   
     5.38m(1.8) 5.57m(+0.0) 5.46m(+0.0) 4.92m(-0.3) 5.03m(1.4) FOUL                   
  6 Jiang, Emily              SO Penn                     5.51m   0.6  18-01.00   1   
     FOUL      5.51m(0.6) FOUL      5.47m(0.9) 5.43m(0.9) 5.44m(+0.0)

Princeton’s Allison Harris earned her first outdoor pole vaulting title on home soil. She was the only athlete to clear 13 feet in the competition.  In fact, Harris did not enter the competition until all of the other athletes finished at 12-01 1/2.  Second through fifth place all cleared 12-01 1/2, but Harvard’s Lexie Schachne was awarded second place due to misses.

Event 28  Women Pole Vault
  Ivy League: # 13-07.25  2016        Allison Harris, Princeton                  
Championship: C 13-01.50  2009        Natalie Gengel, Cornell                    
Championship: C 13-01.50  2010        Tory Worthen, Princeton                    
        ECAC: E    3.70m                                                         
    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points
  1 Harris, Allison           JR Princeton                4.00mE  13-01.50  10   
     3.30 3.45 3.60 3.70 3.80 3.90 4.00 4.05                                     
      PPP  PPP  PPP  PPP    O    P    O  XXX                                     
  2 Schachne, Lexie           SR Harvard                  3.70mE  12-01.50   8   
     3.30 3.45 3.60 3.70 3.80                                                    
      PPP    O   XO    O  XXX                                                    
  3 Mccallum, Kaitlin         SR Dartmouth                3.70mE  12-01.50   5   
     3.30 3.45 3.60 3.70 3.80                                                    
      PPP  PPP    O   XO  XXX                                                    
  3 Bartholomew, Alexis       SR Cornell                  3.70mE  12-01.50   5   
     3.30 3.45 3.60 3.70 3.80                                                    
      PPP    O    O   XO  XXX                                                    
  5 Trenchard, Nicole         FR Harvard                  3.70mE  12-01.50   2   
     3.30 3.45 3.60 3.70 3.80                                                    
      PPP   XO   XO   XO  XXX                                                    
  6 Brown, Stephanie          SR Dartmouth                3.60m   11-09.75   1   
     3.30 3.45 3.60 3.70                                                         
      PPP    O    O  XXX

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