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The next stage of the NCAA season is upon us – the Region Preliminary Round.  Today, the list of the declared athletes for the NCAA East Region Preliminaries that will be held in Jacksonville, Fla. on May 26th to 28th were released.  This list was based on the descending order as seen on Track & Field Results Reporting System with performances up to this past Sunday.  Each individual event has up to 48 entries, while the top 24 declared relays will be heading to Jacksonville.

So who from HepsNation will go?  From our count – 122 performances and 2 relay teams made the cut.  Cornell leads all of the teams with 26 qualifiers, while Harvard has 13 individuals and 2 relays (women’s 4×100 and 4×400).

This tally includes three regional leaders (Rudy Winkler in the hammer, Courtney Smith in the 10km, and Sam Mattis in the discus), 16 top-10 regional performances by 15 athletes (Gabrielle Thomas in the 200m; Cecilia Barowski in the 800m; James Randon and Frances Schmiede in the 1500m; Nick Tuck, Eddie Owens, and Paige Kouba in the steeplechase; Thomas Awad and Emily de La Bruyere in the 5km; Caroline Kellner in the 10km; Autumne Franklin, Jade Miller, and Taysia Radoslav in the 400m hurdles; Stephen Afadapa in the high jump; Adam Bragg in the pole vault; Nikki Okwelogu in the shot put and discus throws; and Rob Robbins in the javelin), and pretty much all of the women from the Outdoor Heps 1500m final shown above.

Four athletes intend to double up in Jacksonville.  Freshman Zach Menchaca made the cut in the 100m and 200m, while de La Bruyere is going to use the schedule to her advantage and complete the steeplechase/5km double.  Mitchel Charles is joining Okwelogu in the shot put/discus throw double.

There are three athletes who could potentially complete a triple – Gabrielle Thomas, Autumne Franklin, and Jade Miller are going to Jacksonville for individual events but were members of the qualifying 4×100 and 4×400 teams for Harvard.  They will likely need to race the relays if Harvard wants their teams to make the trip to Eugene, Ore. for the NCAA finals.

See the list below for a full breakdown of who qualified in which event.


100m: Zach Menchaca (Cornell)

200m: Calvary Rogers (Penn), Larry Gibson (Cornell), Zach Menchaca (Cornell)

400m: Marc-Andre Alexandre (Yale), Ray Mennin (Princeton), Tobe Attah (Cornell)

800m: Ned Willig (Brown), Myles Marshall (Harvard), Zachary Emrich (Brown), Alek Sauer (Columbia)

1500m: James Randon (Yale), Garrett O’Toole (Princeton), James Gowan (Cornell), Noah Kauppila (Princeton), Chris Hatler (Penn), Rob Napolitano (Columbia), Tim Gorman (Dartmouth)

Steeplechase: Nick Tuck (Penn), Eddie Owens (Princeton), Brendan Smith (Penn), Duncan Tomlin (Yale), Connor Herr (Cornell)

5000m: Thomas Awad (Penn), Mark Tedder (Cornell), Joey Chapin (Dartmouth), Brandon Price (Harvard), Will Sheeran (Brown), Ben Rainero (Cornell)

10km: David Taylor (Cornell), Brendan Shearn (Penn), Brian Masterson (Dartmouth), Michael Sublette (Princeton), Kevin Dooney (Yale), Tait Rutherford (Columbia), Daniel Salas (Dartmouth), Jack Boyle (Columbia)

110 Hurdles: Max Hairston (Cornell), Paedyn Gomes (Yale), Parker Johnson (Dartmouth)

400 Hurdles: Greg Leeper (Princeton)

High Jump: Stephen Afadapa (Cornell), Michael Monroe (Penn), Myles LAzarou (Cornell), Xavier Bledsoe (Princeton)

Pole Vault: Adam Bragg (Princeton), August Kiles (Princeton), Max Cosculluela (Dartmouth), Austin Laut (Yale), Brendan Sullivan (Yale)

Long Jump: Alex Rodriguez (Cornell)

Triple Jump: Bobby Plummer (Cornell), Efe Uwaifo (Harvard), Justin Donawa (Dartmouth)

Shot Put: Chris Cook (Princeton), Mitchel Charles (Princeton), Aaron Comery (Brown)

Discus: Sam Mattis (Penn), Noah Kennedy-White (Penn), Kevin Benson (Cornell), Julian Nunally (Harvard), Mitchel Charles (Princeton)

Hammer: Rudy Winkler (Cornell), Adam Kelly (Princeton), Owen Russell (Brown), Colin Minor (Dartmouth)

Javelin: Rob Robbins (Cornell), Jacob Shippee (Dartmouth), Brett Henderson (Harvard), Mark Buda (Brown)


200m: Gabrielle Thomas (Harvard), Taylor McCorkle (Penn), Adrian Jones (Cornell)

400m: Akua Obeng-Afroki (Columbia), Jennifer Meech (Dartmouth)

800m: Cecilia Barowski (Princeton), Brittney Wade (Columbia), Shannon McDonnell (Yale), Sarah Hardie (Columbia), Ashley Forte (Princeton)

1500m: Frances Schmiede (Yale), Dana Giordano (Dartmouth), Emily Waligurski (Yale), Libby Kokes (Columbia), Helen Schlachtenhaufen (Dartmouth), Kristen Niedrach (Cornell), Shannon Hugard (Cornell), Kaitlin Hanss (Princeton), Olivia Sadler (Columbia), Jackie Katzman (Cornell), Clare Peabody (Brown)

Steeplechase: Paige Kouba (Harvard), Emily de La Bruyere (Princeton), Elizabeth Bird (Princeton), Amy Darlington (Penn), Alex Markovich (Princeton), Briar Brumley (Cornell), Erin Melly (Columbia)

5000m: Emily de La Bruyere (Princeton), Ashley Montgomery (Penn), Henna Rustami (Columbia), Natalie Tanner (Columbia), Clarissa Whiting (Penn), Kylene Cochrane (Penn)

10km: Courtney Smith (Harvard), Caroline Kellner (Cornell), Kathryn Fluehr (Princeton), Elianna Shwayder (Harvard), Pegah Kamrani (Columbia), Megan Ratcliffe (Brown)

400 Hurdles: Autumne Franklin (Harvard), Jade Miller (Harvard), Taysia Radoslav (Cornell)

4×100: Harvard

4×400: Harvard

High jump: Kailtin Whitehorn (Dartmouth), Shannelle DeJournett (Brown)

Pole Vault: Allison Harris (Princeton)

Triple Jump: Anna Williams (Columbia), O’Sha Williams (Brown)

Shot Put: Nikki Okwelogu (Harvard)

Discus: Nikki Okwelogu (Harvard)

Hammer: Kennedy O’Dell (Princeton)

Javelin: Kelsey Hay (Penn), Lisa Sesink-Clee (Penn)

Full declared lists are available here

photo by Bill Shearn

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