Returning to Duck Country


The 2016 collegiate outdoor track & field season will end once again in Eugene, Ore. this week as the best athletes in the country will flock to “TrackTown USA” to participate in the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships finals.  And 26 of those athletes will be members of HepsNation.

To get this party started, TrackTown LIVE will be hosting a 2-day webcast preview on while being simucasted on USTFCCCA, Flotrack, and RunnerSpace.  TrackTown LIVE will focus on the men’s competition on Monday from 3:30pm to 5pm PT and then the women’s competition on Tuesday from 5:15pm to 6:15pm PT as they interview several finalists and coaches of note and track experts from Flotrack and Runnerspace.  We recommend you tune in on Tuesday as experts will interview Paige Kouba – one of the captains of #13 ranked Harvard’s women team – as she is a Eugene native and one of the best steeplechasers in the nation this year.  Full information is available here.

As for the competition itself, that action will start on Wednesday at 12:30pm Pacific Time (or 3:30pm Eastern Time).  We have the schedule below, including who will be competing when.  Days 1 and 3 will focus on the men’s competition while Days 2 and 4 will be the women’s competition.  ESPN will provide live coverage of the meet – both on TV and online (through, check your cable provider) – full broadcasting schedule here.

We’ll post the link to the live results once it goes live.

Good luck to all HepsNation student-athletes this week!

Wednesday, June 8th    
Time (PT) Event Round HepsNation Entries
12:30pm Decathlon 100m
1:10pm Decathlon Long Jump
2:00pm Men’s Hammer Throw Final Adam Kelly (Princeton), Rudy Winkler (Cornell)
2:25pm Decathlon Shot Put
3:40pm Decathlon High Jump
4:32pm Men’s 4×100 Relay Semifinal
4:46pm Men’s 1,500m Semifinal James Gowan (Cornell), James Randon (Yale)
5:00pm Men’s Pole Vault Final Adam Bragg (Princeton)
5:02pm Men’s Steeplechase Semifinal Jordan Mann (Brown-Providence)
5:32pm Men’s 110m Hurdles Semifinal Max Hairston (Cornell)
5:45pm Men’s Javelin Final Rob Robbins (Cornell)
5:46pm Men’s 100m Semifinal
6:00pm Men’s 400m Semifinal
6:00pm Men’s Long Jump Final
6:14pm Men’s 800m Semifinal
6:30pm Men’s Shot Put Final
6:30pm Men’s 400m Hurdles Semifinal
6:44pm Men’s 200m Semifinal
6:56pm Decathlon 400m
7:08pm Men’s 10km Final
7:48pm Men’s 4×400 Relay Semifinal
Thursday, June 9th    
Time (PT) Event Round HepsNation Entries
10:30am Decathlon 100m Hurdles
11:20am Decathlon Discus Throw
12:30pm Decathlon Pole Vault
2:00pm Women’s Hammer Throw Final
3:00pm Decathlon Javelin Throw
4:32pm Women’s 4×100 Relay Semifinal Harvard (Ngozi Musa, Gabrielle Thomas, Autumne Franklin, Jade Miller), Danielle Barbian (Harvard-Oregon)
4:46pm Women’s 1,500m Semifinal Dana Giordano (Dartmouth)
5:00pm Women’s Pole Vault Final
5:02pm Women’s Steeplechase Semifinal Paige Kouba (Harvard)
5:32pm Women’s 100m Hurdles Semifinal
5:45pm Women’s Javelin Final
5:46pm Women’s 100m Semifinal
6:00pm Women’s 400m Semifinal Jasmine Blocker (Princeton-Tulane)
6:00pm Women’s Long Jump Final
6:14pm Women’s 800m Semifinal Cecilia Barowski (Princeton)
6:30pm Women’s Shot Put Final Nikki Okwelogu (Harvard)
6:30pm Women’s 400m Hurdles Semifinal Autumne Franklin (Harvard), Jade Miller (Harvard)
6:44pm Women’s 200m Semifinal Gabrielle Thomas (Harvard)
6:56pm Decathlon 1,500m
7:08pm Women’s 10km Final Caroline Kellner (Cornell)
7:48pm Women’s 4×400 Relay Semifinal Harvard (Gabrielle Thomas, Autumne Franklin, Christi Scott, Jade Miller)
Friday, June 10th    
Time (PT) Event Round HepsNation Entries
12:30pm Heptathlon 100m Hurdles
1:30pm Heptathlon High Jump
3:30pm Heptathlon Shot Put
5:00pm Men’s High Jump Final
5:05pm Men’s Discus Throw Final Sam Mattis (Penn)
5:30pm Men’s Triple Jump Final Bobby Plummer (Cornell)
5:32pm Men’s 4×100 Relay Final
5:42pm Men’s 1,500m Final James Gowan (Cornell)*, James Randon (Yale)*
5:54pm Men’s Steeplechase Final Jordan Mann (Brown-Providence)*
6:12pm Men’s 110m Hurdles Final Max Hairston (Cornell)*
6:22pm Men’s 100m Final
6:32pm Men’s 400m Final
6:47pm Men’s 800m Final
6:57pm Men’s 400m Hurdles Final
7:07pm Men’s 200m Final
7:13pm Heptathlon 200m
7:25pm Men’s 5km Final Thomas Awad (Penn)
7:51pm Men’s 4×400 Relay Final
Saturday, June 11th    
Time (PT) Event Round HepsNation Entries
11:30am Heptathlon Long Jump
12:45pm Heptathlon Javelin Throw
3:00pm Women’s High Jump Final Kaitlin Whitehorn (Dartmouth)
3:05pm Women’s Discus Throw Final Nikki Okwelogu (Harvard)
3:30pm Women’s Triple Jump Final O’Sha Williams (Brown)
4:32pm Women’s 4×100 Relay Final Harvard (Ngozi Musa, Gabrielle Thomas, Autumne Franklin, Jade Miller)*, Danielle Barbian (Harvard-Oregon)*
4:46pm Women’s 1,500m Final Dana Giordano (Dartmouth)*
5:02pm Women’s Steeplechase Final Paige Kouba (Harvard)*
5:13pm Heptathlon 800m
5:32pm Women’s 100m Hurdles Final
5:46pm Women’s 100m Final
6:00pm Women’s 400m Final Jasmine Blocker (Princeton-Tulane)*
6:14pm Women’s 800m Final Cecilia Barowski (Princeton)*
6:30pm Women’s 400m Hurdles Final Autumne Franklin (Harvard)*, Jade Miller (Harvard)*
6:44pm Women’s 200m Final Gabrielle Thomas (Harvard)*
7:08pm Women’s 5km Final Natalie Tanner (Columbia)*
7:48pm Women’s 4×400 Relay Final Harvard (Gabrielle Thomas, Autumne Franklin, Christi Scott, Jade Miller)*

italicized are entries pending results of semifinal rounds

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