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Need something to do before the start of 2016 Olympic Opening Ceremonies on Friday night?

How about some reading?

We found the following Heps-related articles, stories, interviews, and features that can help you pass the time before the Olympics start.

1). The Washington Post – “Muhammad Halim goes it alone as a Virgin Islands triple jumper bound for the Rio Olympics

Halim is one of our two-time Olympians heading down to Rio.  The Cornell alum and former NCAA champion in the triple jump has had limited competition since the 2012 Olympics, but he continues to train diligently without a training group.  He wants to have a better result than what he experienced in London.  “I’ve sacrificed a lot to make sure that this time I’m not just an Olympian but I’m somebody who competed really well in the Olympics,” Halim said in the article. “Wherever the chips may fall, I want to feel like I was competitive, [like] I stuck my nose into the competition and made an impact on my event.”

2). Track & Field Hunter – “Fred Samara on the Ivy Way: Revered Princeton Coach and Olympian Embraces Balanced Approach

Princeton men’s head coach Fred Samara was interviewed by Princeton alum Dave Hunter about the legacy of being an Ivy League athlete and how different this conference is compared to any of the NCAA power conferences that seem to win all of the national titles.  “The Ivy League schools share a common bond. We basically all recruit the same athletes. Of course there are some little differences in academic standards in each of the schools, but there is a common bond. And that bond is strengthened within your four years of competing,” explains Samara in the interview. “But, more importantly, it extends after that. Quite often you’ll find somebody from Penn working for somebody from Princeton or Yale. You don’t see that in other conferences. There really is a common bond among the student athletes.” Yep, I agree.


Usain Bolt has admitted that he’s never run a mile before, which has led some people to wonder how fast he really COULD run it.  The founders of – Weldon and Robert Johnson – and current Cornell assistant coach Zeb Lang provided their input for this article.

4). Sir Walter Miler website

Ok, not an article, but this one-mile race that will be held in North Carolina on Friday night does have a number of featured articles on the race competitors, including Kyle Merber, John Gregorek, and Morgan Uceny.  If you’re in the area, go watch.  Otherwise, you can watch the meet on Flotrack through their FlotrackPro platform.

5). – “From Hackensack to Rio (by way of Nigeria) for Stephen Mozia

Stephen Mozia spoke about his journey to the Olympic Games – from his attempts at sprinting in high school, the challenge of adapting to throwing, to his recent throwing successes on the international stage – with his local news media prior to traveling down to Rio this week.  “It hasn’t really hit me yet that I’m going to the Olympics, and it probably won’t hit until the opening ceremonies [on Friday],” Mozia said in the article.

Hopefully that will give you enough to read.  If you want more, check out our sidebar with our 2016 Rio Olympian bios.

photo from the Washington Post article, done by Jonathon Newton

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