Rio 2016: Traveling to Rio [UPDATED]

Just about 24 hours to go until the lighting of the Olympic cauldron, and our Ivy Olympians are making their way down to Rio de Janeiro.  Fortunately for us, they decided to take some photos of their journey.

For Team USA, they had to head to Houston, Tex., prior to traveling to Rio for Team processing, where they meet their teammates and receive the official Team USA gear.  I’m guessing they get a LOT of gear based on Kate Grace’s tweet below; either that or she plans to bring home lots of Brazilian or Olympic souvenirs.


At least they get to have some fun during the processing process:



The Team USA gear is pretty sharp, or at least Donn Cabral makes it look sharp.


Muhammad Halim is using Instagram’s new Stories feature to document his flight to Brazil.

















Spain’s Bruno Hortelano took the time to recognize some often forgotten people of Olympic travel – the pilots!


(for those who are Spanish impaired: “A luxury feel the support so close! Here with the bosses that lead us to our first ‪#‎games‬.. Heading to ‪#‎rio2016“)

And once they get there, they will have time to relax in their rooms…


… or explore the Athlete’s Village where they encounter their role models…



… or check out the local landmarks.


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