Rio 2016: Petition to Reward Good Sportsmanship


The story of Abbey D’Agostino’s 5km race at the Olympics has become one of the biggest stories of the week.  Her story has been recounted on numerous media websites including NBC News,  YahooSports, BBC, Sports Illustrated, and the Boston Herald (just to name a few); she’s been interviewed on CNN (shown above with her coach Mark Coogan and CNN newswoman Amanda Davis); and her story has been used as a positive example of how the Olympic spirit should be (compared to all of the stories of bad sportsmanship out there).

Because of this, people are now petitioning to have D’Ags be the American flagbearer at the Olympic Closing Ceremonies on Sunday night.  Tim Boivin created a petition and sent us the following information, asking that we share it among HepsNation.

“We would like the U.S. Olympic Committee to name Abbey D’Agostino, the women’s 5,000-meter runner who stopped to help Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand after both fell in their qualifying race, as the USA flag bearer in the Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony. The stated mission of the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Spirit program is to:

1. Build a peaceful and better world in the Olympic Spirit which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play

2. Inspire and motivate the youth of the world to be the best they can be

3. Promote tolerance and understanding in these increasingly troubled times in which we live, to make our world a more peaceful place

By her selfless act in encouraging a competitor in her time of despair to finish the race; through her sheer grit and determination to finish the race despite suffering a torn ACL and meniscus; and with her classy demonstration of grace under the most extreme conditions, Abbey D’Agostino is the living embodiment of the Olympic Spirit and personifies the very best traits of the U.S.A. — an American who IS competitive, yet compassionate; self-driven and yet still caring for others who have had misfortune visited upon them; and as physically and mentally tough of an athlete as you will find in any sport, yet one who embraces all of her competitors in friendship through her sportsmanship. We urge the U.S. Olympic Committee to name Abbey D’Agostino to be the USA flag bearer in the closing ceremonies, to reflect the ideals of both the Olympic Games and the United States of America. Thank you for your consideration.

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We wholeheartedly agree.  Please sign the petition and pass it along!

photo by Mark Coogan

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