Rio 2016: Running Down the Dream


In her post-race interview after the women’s 800m semifinal round, Kate Grace admitted that she had a goal list for the year, and that her “dream dream” goal was to make it to the Olympic finals (her “dream” goal was making it to the Olympic Games).

Last night, she got to run her dream.  Running out lane one, she settled in seventh place at the end of the stagger and completed the first 400m in around 58 seconds.  She started her kick with about 220m to go in the race to pass Great Britain’s Lynsey Sharp and Poland’s Joanna Jozwik, but Sharp and Jozwik had a higher gear and left Grace behind as they all progressed to the finish line.  Grace finished eighth overall in 1:59.57, while the race was won by South Africa’s Caster Semenya in 1:55.28.  Jozwik and Sharp finished 5th and 6th respectively.

“My last three races have been four of my five fastest 800s ever. I’m running well, I thought that a PR was possible today. It didn’t come through. I still think I could run a PR, but it wasn’t there today,” she said to after the race.

The Olympic Games are wrapping up, with the men’s marathon being the final athletics event today prior to the closing ceremonies tonight.  Despite our petitioning, Abbey D’Agostino will not serve as the Team USA flagbearer.  Four-time gold medalling gymnast Simone Biles was elected to carry the flag by her peers.

photo from Sarah Lesko’s twitter

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